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  1. Danke für den Tip, habe es jetzt folgendermaßen geändert: ;Sliced at: {day} {date} {time};Basic settings: Layer height: {layer_height} Walls: {wall_thickness} Fill: {fill_density};Print time: {print_time};Filament used: {filament_amount}m {filament_weight}g;Filament cost: {filament_cost}G21 ;metric valuesG90 ;absolute positioningM82 ;set extruder to absolute modeM107 ;start with the fan offG28 ;Home allG1 F12000 X5 Y10 ;move hotend to front leftM190 S{print_bed_temperature} ;bed temperatureM109 S{print_temperature} ;head temperatureG1 Z15.0 F{travel_spe
  2. Funktioniert es bei dir? Ich habe das Problem dass er zwar druckt, aber wohl die feedrate für den extruder falsch interpretiert. Für die Wurst die er am Anfang legt sollte er 20mm Material fördern, aber er fördert viel weniger und der Druck sieht nach krasser underextrusion aus. gcode flavour ist angepasst in cura und auch der start und end gcode ist angepasst. ;Sliced at: {day} {date} {time};Basic settings: Layer height: {layer_height} Walls: {wall_thickness} Fill: {fill_density};Print time: {print_time};Filament used: {filament_amount}m {filament_weight}g;Filament cost: {filament_cos
  3. Yes I started using it, but so far I can just use the webcam and the monitoring. You have to do the following: - Set cura to use the merlin gcode flavour - Put gcode start and stop sequence - Create an Ultimaker Prifele in octoprint After this steps it should be possible to print. ;Sliced at: {day} {date} {time};Basic settings: Layer height: {layer_height} Walls: {wall_thickness} Fill: {fill_density};Print time: {print_time};Filament used: {filament_amount}m {filament_weight}g;Filament cost: {filament_cost}G21 ;metric valuesG90 ;absolute positioningM82 ;set extr
  4. I cannot confirm this error in layer 31. Plus the error I am looking for is at a hight of 23mm so it should be found some where around layer 230. I've also checked the stl in x-ray view and there is no error as well :/ ( See the Picture) I would have preferred that error - because now I'm clueless again . . Best regads
  5. Hey, sorry for the slow reply - I didn't get any notification. It is like the title says - it's a step outside - it's not like a groove. In the old version it was at a height of 23mm - in the new version where I lowered the battery housing inside the body for 3mm the step is now at 20mm. Measured from the bottom/bed. Here is the gcode. Password: UMF Thanks for your help and thoughts guys, Coni
  6. Well now I can say that it is not a problem with the z-axis. I modified my object. I lowered the bottom for the battery housing and the ugly step just moved with it. See it in the picture: Is it possible to analyse the gcode if the step is already in there?
  7. Thanks for suggestion. I think that would work but this way stability of the structure would decrease. I just printed it with the missing support and it worked somehow Not good - it's hanging like a rope bridge - but I'm surprised it worked at all! See the picture: Anyway can we get this bug fixed?
  8. I think i found a bug where the slicer does not prepare all the needed support. As you can see in the picture there is support but it is missing for some parts. The red long line is a overhang withoud support strukture. What can I do to print it anyway? . Best regards
  9. Sorry to be unclear, indeed I'm talking about what appears as a thin line. The point is that you can't see that line in the stl nor in the sliced cura view - IT SHOULD NOT BE THERE
  10. Hi Sander, I already printed this 4 times and it is ALWAYS at the same spot. But it is definately NOT in the model. Also it is not a color issue - one can feel the step. Aktually it is even not like a notch or dent it is a offset. If you look at the first picture you can see the bottom of the print. So it starts printing slim and then we have a offset to slightly thicker - but on BOTH sides of the objekt. Very strange I have no clue. It is just at a very certain spot where the printer has to print the bottm for the battery housing.
  11. Hi there, I printed my own race quadrocopter frame. It looks and works perfektly for me, but I have one problem. The outer shell always has this ugly step. It is not part of the cad design neither I can see the step in the cura layer view. So how can this happen? It shouldn't be there . . Best regards
  12. Hello there, I think I'm doing it better now. Now it looks like this
  13. Hmm - let's say any visible error. Stringing would be okay for me as you can remove it easily. The slow print and the pictures could be a reference.
  14. I've selected 0.1mm layer resolution and 20 percent infill. But with standard UM2 I don't have dual extrusion option So the answer I'm interested in is: How fast can you print with a standard UM2 (0.4mm nozzle).
  15. Thanks for the answers. I only use PLA and I pull it at 90 degeree but i might pull it too slow. I will try it faster
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