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  1. A little follow-up: I updated the firmware to the lastest version (_15.04.02ex) and tried to print the elephant again (same gcode from same SD card). This time it came a lot further, but the same problem appeared.
  2. Hi forum! I just got my Ultimaker 2 Extended and did some test prints and faced some problems... I tried to print the "cup with lid" (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/cup-with-lid) with different print quality settings. At draft mode (0.2mm layer) and normal quality (0.1mm), it printed just fine. Then I tried the maximum quality settings (quality slider in cura basic mode to the right). The print started without problems, but after a third of the print a gap was produced and the extruder began to print in the air. After that I tried to print the Elephant by FabShop with the print settings from this youtube video: (Scaled up a bit, 0.2mm layer thickness, raft). The raft was printed correctly, but then the build platform lowered too much and it printed in the air again.The UM stands steady on a solid table and there were no vibrations during the prints. I'm using PLA (the silver filament came the UM). I attached two photos. Does somebody know whats wrong?
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