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  1. Thanks mate. It doesn't work via ulti controller only either. Wrong firmware? How is that possible? Its new printer with possibility of upgrading it with heated bed so there should be an option to turn it on or off - I think. Everything drives smoothly and controller says "ultimaker ready" then I place SD card in a slot, move axes to "auto home", press print of SD and controller starts to count the time of printing, menu slightly change but it doesn't heat up head extruder, obviously doesn't start but it only says "bed heating" on controller - I don't think of cura yet. I bought 2 printers so I can try to change circuit board for another one but it shouldn't be like that :(
  2. Hi, just assembled new Ultimaker Original with no heating bed and when I try to run my first print it says "heating bed" but I've got no heating bed and I believe that is why I can't print so is there any way to turn it off? Thanks
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