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  1. GuyS

    Cura FAQ

    Are you on Windows? At first launch after Windows install, Cura is sometimes unable to connect to the engine. This can cause the slicing to remain at "preparing to slice". Restarting Cura should correct the connection problem.
  2. Yes, we're there! You can find us in Zone 2 in the EXPO Hall. We'll have really cool stuff to show you there, like a Z-Unlimited building some awesome custom towering prints, and the gumball capsule challenge. Come over and say hi!
  3. @SandervG is currently at Maker Faire Bay Area so I’m replacing him as the announcer of your favorite Ultimaker event Ultimaker Sessions Our next meetup, on May 30th in FabLab ProtoSpace in Utrecht, is going to be a special one! We’re going to kick off a new concept: from now on the Ulti-Evenings will be known as Ultimaker Sessions. We’re doing this because many of you have asked for Ulti-Evenings hosted nearer to you. That's why we’re now expanding these meetups globally, joining forces with our partners everywhere! We didn’t want to limit them to hosting sessions in the evening, so we
  4. Cool! What kind of data would you be able to collect / want to have from the e-NABLE prosthetics? I imagine that for the deeper stuff you'd also need to wire up separate sensors to all the moving parts to get real usage data, and that might make the design a lot more bulky?
  5. I found an interesting research paper posted online about microfluidics research (using extremely small fluid channels for research, to isolate and examine single cells for example) where they examined the possibility of creating microfluidics systems using FDM, specifically an Ultimaker 2 printer. Figured I'd share it with the rest of you all - it's not really my field, but seriously cool either way: Simple and Versatile 3D Printed Microfluidics Using Fused Filament Fabrication
  6. Joined the steam group, though I play few games on steam, because OSX. My 360 and Wii are gathering dust too now that I have a PS4. I'm waiting to see what The Division playerbase is going to be like; if it survives the first few months I'll probably take that up. I'm still considering picking up Destiny somewhere along the way to see what everyone's so excited about, but I'm more of a BF/CoD gamer and never really got into Halo online either. I did play the Battleborn open beta this weekend and that was a lot of fun. I figure either that or Overwatch will be my team shooter of choice when t
  7. DATE: Thursday, January 7, 2016 LOCATION: Buddy V's, Las Vegas TIME: 6:30pm - 8:30pm Are you visiting CES, living in the Las Vegas area, or just happen to be partying on the strip this week? Drop what you're doing, because tonight we're getting together with 3DHubs and ColorFabb to bring you an evening of 3D printing themed fun and laughter. After all, it's CES time so there's lots of new things to talk about. Our new Ultimaker 2+ printers, ColorFabb's new nGen filament, 3DHubs' 25.000th hub. You know, the usual cool stuff So come on over and meet the Ultimaker, 3DHubs and ColorFabb team
  8. Hey everyone! I know, I know, this is usually 's job, but today I get to do the honors! Don't fret, we'll return to your regularly scheduled community manager soon . The Olsson Block is currently a free gift with every new Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended we sell, and during that time we're running these 3D printing contests so those of you who already own a printer also have a chance of receiving an Olsson Block! And not just any Olsson Block, this is the special edition set that we're giving away. The special edition contains not just the regular set of nozzles that comes with the s
  9. Version 1.0


    This is an example on how to upload your entry. This is not an entry to the contest. Print the smallest molecule you can! Do you want to participate in the contest and win a free special edition Olsson Block? You can participate here!
  10. Can I play too? It's not quite King Kong on the Empire State building, but hey
  11. @LePaul Omfg. Do want. Do you have a build topic on your R2 anywhere? I have so many friends I need to show that to.
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