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  1. Robin, That's "a bridge too far" for me. What is in this package? I've printed and installed the knob you recommended, works fine for now.. Regards, Johan Visser
  2. Robin, I wil definitly try another knob, thanks for the suggestion. I hope that will increase the user experience ... ... But I do not buy the 'less clicks' argument. That may be a good design reason when you have separate up-down keys, but with a rotary encoder and a non-sorted menu list is not a big issue. ... also I want to come back on my 'request' for a dual "return>" item, it is more clear for the user that the one-and-only "return>" is always at the bottom of the list (or at the top just like the .. (directory up) in unix directories), so you can very s
  3. I find it confusing that the menu's are rolling over while scrolling. Very often the requiered menu item is skipped. IMO it would be more user-friendly when there is a return> on de top of the menu and at the bottom and the menu sticks there. So a linear menu instead of a rolling menu
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