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  1. Sorted, thanks. There was no slack to move the microswitch when the screws were loosened. Ended up carefully bending switch bar. Thanks, Carl
  2. cheers, I will give it a go. Carl
  3. Hi, Like most Universities, we have pooled our 3D printing resources and are producing PPE items. One of the Ulimakers that has come from a different department and it is behaving a little oddly. We are printing a shield design that needs the full bed of the Ultimaker and one one printer, it prints about 15mm forward in the Y-direction. This results in part of the design being flattened (at the extremity of the part) which is not a huge problem but occasionally we are seeing a layer shift. Amongst the printers, we are running 2 UM2+ and 3 UM2ex machines and they are all sharing the same G-Code. The rest of the printers produce identical prints that are correctly centred on the plate. I have performed a factory reset on the machine and there is no visible difference between the printers. I have attached an image of the model printing in the correct and incorrect positions. Any idea what could cause this? Yours, Carl
  4. Hi, At the end of a print, our S5 paused for a brief period and then raised the print bed to about 10mm from its maximum and began its material purge (we are connected to a material station). This caused the print head to crash into the print. Fortunately, the geometry of the allowed the head to slide off but this was shear luck. We are using Cura 4.5 and S5 has latest drivers. Carl
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