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  1. The bowden tube and black snake ( braided sleeve) are connected. As the yellow wire was long enough, I also verified that the green wire was't stuck in the sleeve as there are some connectors inside the sleeve. @amedee thanks for the tip Here some pictures of the install.
  2. Hi Neotko, I finally found time to install this upgrade. Works really well. I have an UMO+ with the 2.1.4 revision PCB so I used the experimental branch of the custom firmware builder. https://bultimaker.bulles.eu/experimental/ Fans - Fan kickstart: 200 ms (krijgt 200ms het volledige vermogen) - Fan minimum PWM: 70 (min Fan speed 70/255) - Fast PWM: enable - Hot-end fan: enable Mechanical - Invert first Extruder (0) direction: enable The only minor problem I had was the green wire of the Fan that was to short to connect to the board, so I extended it (the yellow
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