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  1. Thank you very much gr5 for your help, fixed my problem. I now have a functional 3d printer again
  2. Hi gr5 I did forget to mention that the feeder makes a moderately loud beeping noise when I'm in the 'move material' setting, not sure if that has much to do with anything. As for the print settings, very helpful will definitely use them as I've been printing too cold. I've been doing 40mm per second at 210C. I generally use 0.1 for layer height.
  3. Hi all, So recently I've been having some material feeder problems and I have managed to determine that nothing is wrong involving the nozzle (that I know of). For some reason the feeder likes to jump back every few seconds, not sure the problem there. Is the problem with the filament or feeder itself? My theory is that there is something wrong with the feeder "block" itself so to speak. When I try to adjust the tension with the screw on the top of the block, the little white tension indicator bars don't move. Is something missing or broken? Apologies if this problem is blatant, still new to 3d printing. Thanks for your time.
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