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  1. hey guys you're awesome. exactly what a friend said. "let's change the ic", he said :-D from what i see in the scheme is that it's a IRF8736PBF from infineon or do i look wrong?
  2. my heaterboard (Mosfet Q20) burned out. Is this board really required? What would happen, if i connect the bed and temp sensor directly to the board?
  3. i didn't know about the fan (12 vs. 24 V) i can remove some endstops as well ;-) Thank you
  4. hi the board of my original (w/o plus) was toasted yesterday in the evening. I have a ultimaker original plus board here. is it possible to use the new board on the original (w/o plus) incl. my heated bed ? I thought about the thermosensor board which is attached on the original and dissapeared on the plus....
  5. yeah i've put in some skateboard speed creme which helped a lot. but as you said: the fan is still "there" :-/
  6. Hi there i have 2 Ultimakers 1 Original and 1 Original Plus. I hate the board fan from the original (w/o plus) Is there a way to remove this crappy fan und cool the steppers somehow else? or can i just unplug the fan? Is it really necessary? thx
  7. hi UM original (without plus) extruder upgrade to bondtech QR failed. After upgrading we added the settings into the start-gcode section in cura, everything started working in slowmo. Means that the head moves around 1mm/min. Unfortunately the same with Z and E :-( Of course we went back to the original extruder but, well, the slowmo problem still appears. What we tried yet: - flashed the fw about 5 times with the original one coming from cura 1.5 - removed ulticontroller and tried printing over usb Sadly nothing helped out. Any ideas if we f.... up the controller ? thx
  8. Danke. Habe alles exakt so gemacht und hat funktioniert. war erst etwas verwirrt, weil ich den UM Orig.+ habe und nicht definiert war, welches board es ist. in der pins.hl hats ja für jedes board etwas ;-) anwyay. drucker druckt jetzt wieder. garantietausch wird aber noch gemacht bei igo3d. Und nein. Habe nichts dummes gemacht. Der Extruder blieb stehen und es stank. besten dank (solved)
  9. the stepper to EXT1 smoked dead. Now i want to use EXT2 to control the Extruder because i only have one. How can i manage that? playing around with "selectExtruder"plugin does not work for me because of a MaxTemp Error (of course , i don't have a 2nd temp sensor) Is there a way to change the arduino port from EXT1 to EXT2 to avoid buying a new controller?
  10. das umstellen des extruders geht nur über das "selectextruder" plugin oder?
  11. Der Stepper vom E1 hat sich gestern in Rauch aufgelöst. Auf dem Board hätte ich noch den E2 Anschluss für den Dual Extruder. ISt es möglich den E2 für einen Extruder als Ersatz für E1 zu benutzen?
  12. i've checked all cables about 10 times. there is def. no shorten circuit. If i connect both power supplies, the machine does not reboot but the bed does not become warm. i've re-checked the firmware and it says "Ultimaker original" on the ulticontroller i can read the bed temperature which is nearly the same as the hotend. the support tries to help me but afaik they also have no clue at the moment.
  13. hi i've upgraded the UM with the heated bed from Ultimaker. now following happens: if i start a print and the printer tries to heat up the bed, the ulticontroller becomes black and reboots.same happens if i try to preheat. so the printer alsways crashes if it tries to heat up the bed. all cables are placed properly. no problem with the printer if i do not use the new heated bed. any ideas what could cause this issue? could it be a problem with the powerunit from the heated bed?
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