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  1. I increased the infill overlap value in Cura to 38%, bumped extrusion speed to 120%, raised temperature of printing, but there are still gaps. I am printing at Ultimaker 2 (not 2+) with ABS. Sliced with Cura is 15.02.1, since I cannot use more recent versions due them slicing my models incorrectly (Thread about that), but I've used this version for a while, and this issue is only developed relatively recently, so I am suspecting that something must be up with the printer itself. It doesn't look like underextrusion (which is usual culprit of "stuff doesn't connect!"), though, since everythin
  2. Finally it happened again, and I now have good enough cam to do photo
  3. Found the issue. Fans were not dead, thankfully, the green wire on the bundle of connectors inside the black flexible tube on the top of printhead teared off it's pin. It seems that these two fans connected successively, so it broke both of them. I soldered it back, and fans started to spin again. Main challenge was to actually stuff everything back into this damn tube without tearing something else - those huge connectors just refused to fit in at first.
  4. Do I need to disassemble the printhead to check for wires? On the outside everything seems to be ok. Back fan is spinning properly, I can see it.
  5. Noticed during last print that both side fans are not working. Left one even lost one of the blades, somehow. They're not spinning if I override fan speed in setting during start of the new print. Fan for nozzle cooling working properly. Could they break because of overheating? I use closed chamber. If they are dead, can I buy me new fans at any hardware store? If so, what are the specs that I should pay attention to?
  6. This guy is basically the reason I buyed 3d printer in the first place but he is still have a lot to achieve in the future. First there were a lot of delays with work, then design completely changed because I got better at it, and then work caught up on me again. Consisiting that I am often procrastinate like a lot, despite that my printer is now 2 years old, this project is still far from finished - most parts here are just tests, not the final variants. The specific latest print is the chest piece)
  7. I might bump this old thread, so, sorry... What is the strongest paint finishes do you know? My prints are supposed to be painted and they will experience a lot of friction and grinding against each other, some of the parts will be held together by a thick rubber, others will be constantly rubbing against each other, so I need to find a solution for paint all the shiny metallic stuff on the print (It's a large 70cm (27inch) robot figure) and being able to pose it more than once)
  8. My Ultimaker2 sometimes does that strange thing, when it starts to extrude the filament when the printing head is in the motion from one element of the print to another. This string then sticks to the already printed side of the print, often looking like a tiny loop or a bundle. This is not the stringing problem, though, as the unwanted piece of plastic is flows out at a constant diameter. These guys are not especially hard to clean off (often it's enough to just nudge them with nail), but I still don't know why do they happen. It is as if gcode glitches out and there is mismatch of timing of
  9. I think the exact names are meaningless to me, since they're almost certainly not selling where I live. But I'll search for alternatives)
  10. I find it that wet cloth is unnecessary - everything sticking perfectly without additional smudging. Started this thread simply because my initial stick is ending and I want to get another.
  11. This is kinda silly question, perhaps, but... Stick of glue that comes with the Ultimakers, is it some kind of special glue for printers, or is it just your regular glue for paper in offices, and any other glue will do just as well? I suspect that it is latter, but wanted to make sure first, since label only says that it is a glue and that it is not toxic. X)
  12. I would like the feature to command the printer thru USB. So that you still load the g-code via SD card, but you can remote-control it, order print to start, stop or pause, control lights, ETC... that should be fairly safe for usb connection, right?
  13. I suppose you use dual-extrusion set then? Since when you print everything with same fillament, the Cura's regular supports just as much not-detachable. I need to use knife (pliers to break off large chunks, too) a lot to clean it off.
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