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  1. This is that blackish silhouette I was talking about
  2. So I tested a few things.... They might be somewhere in this thread. The favorite settings isn't yet working. They just copy the last adjusment you make to favorite. The Post-Processing didn't work. I set mine to pause at 3 mm, but it just continued. The Cut-off Object Bottom is improved out of the two tests I was running, one of them has failed and the other has succesfully printed from the point where I said it had to print. In the new cura 15.0 you have said that the saving works way better than before. If I want to save everything which stands on my bed, I have to make a selection, out of everything, and then I can only save selection to file instead of save all.... I had a few times my software was mirrored somehow and a few seconds later it's normal again. When I´m in layered mode and I would like to move one of my objects, a blackish silhouette of my object comes out and the object itself doesn´t move at all. When saying how much time it would take to print this object, the counter would say 6:35 m, which I thought would be 6 minutes and 35 seconds. But later I found out it meant 6 hours and 35 minutes. Though I do have to say that I can manipulate multiple objects at once, which is nice when working with scales and such. I hope to give you enough information and futhermore I hope that I haven't said to much that already has been said. Thanks in advance
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