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  1. I am using Cura version 15.04 on Linux (and some times MacOS). You set me on the right track though. I just built this printer and the Z0 position was too far down so to compensate I was setting my first layer height at 1mm when it should have been around .2 or .15. I knew from the G code that setting the first layer at 1mm would get Cura to shift the start position to Z1 but I didn't realize that it was also increasing the extrusion rate. I compared 2 G code files, one with the layer height at 1mm and one with the layer height at .15mm and the latter's extrusion rate is far more reasonable. T
  2. Hello All, I am having an issue with Cura setting the flow for the first layer of my prints to almost 7 times of the rest of the layers. this is causing the filament to slip really badly during the whole first layer. The only way I can keep it from doing this is to set the flow to about 25%. This negatively affects the rest of the print though. I have calibrated the extrusion so that the printer is extruding 10 mm when I request it to extrude 10mm. I know the problem is to high of flow in the first layer because I compared the amount extruded in layer 0 with the amount extruded in layer 1 for
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