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  1. Hi, Sometimes i have that problem , this is cuz in your nozzle are carbonize material and that blocks the printhead. You can clean doing that : https://ultimaker.com/en/support/view/149-atomic-method And try to elevate the temp of your print , but it depends about the material that you are using in your print. I don't know if u are using ABS , PLA from UM or maybe Colorfabb. Sometimes u need to configure different settings about PLA from UM and PLA/PHA from Colorfabb. Try to keep clean your nozzle after print. Goodluck!
  2. I use a UM2 and i have 1 extrusion. U can set the features of the supports and the distance between the support and modeling. Changing that you can clean easily. And yes , sometimes it's hard to clean but you need to do the post-production of your print model.
  3. Hi , A few days a go i tried to print supports ,in one of my models ,in meshmixer and really that software create very useful supports ,u can configure density and other features but when i export to print un cura , The program (Cura) interprets these supports as if they were part of my modeling and can't detatch when the print finished. I prefer print in parts and later stick with a combination of your waste plastics (of other prints) and acetone. For sharp edges i preffer use "grid" support in cura and if i print soft surfaces i use "lines" support and u can configure density supports too.
  4. Yeah , i try to write in english . sorry about that.I need more practice. Thank u. I hope to collaborate with all of you.
  5. Sí , es verdad es silver , disculpa. Trato de practicar mejor mi inglés. Gracias, lo modelé en zbrush y luego ya lo mandé a imprimir. Aquí no se cuelga renders o screenshoots de los modelados no?
  6. Hi , I print this head a few months a go but i dont upload anything about that. So , i start on this and like to share with all of you my results. This material print is Ultimaker PLA Platinium and printed in normal quality. The result of that is good. The time for that print was 8 hours more or less. I print other models , im try to going to upload frequently and share results with you about settings for 3d print in cura. Thank u.
  7. Hi to all, well , i buy a UM2 and i doing 3d Print but i dont upload my works. I see all the post for looking answers for troubles on the print. I joined today. I think the forum isn't dying. Sorry about my english.
  8. Hi! Im print Pudge's head , im not a fan of dota but , for me , it's interesting that character. So , i model only the head but with my style using human anatomy mixed with the dota2 Style. It was model in Zbrush. For the print material i use Ultimaker PLA Platinium.
  9. Hola , puedes postear capturas de pantalla de los settings en el CURA que has establecido?. Fotos de tu modelo? y ampliar más sobre el problema. Fíjate que en tu modelado esté todo cerrado y de luego corregir el archivo *.STL que hayas exportado.
  10. @malakinesis Requieres ayuda ?? quizás te pueda ayudar. Yo tengo también una UM2 pero recién me cree mi usuario aquí. Soy de perú también.
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