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  1. am i asking a very basic question ? because no one answered me yet
  2. Hi, I am undergraduate student and i am new to 3d printers. I decided to build up my own Ultimaker original but i am confused about using Ramps 1.4 shield or using Ultimaker controller 1.5.7 because i can't find any documentation on how to make Ultimaker with Ramps 1.4 or what do i need to change in the connection or the firmware (marlin) to make it compatible with Ultimaker software (cura) especially i heard that ReplicatorG isn't supported anymore by Ultimaker. So can someone explain to me what do i need to change in order to make it compatible?? And if i made an upgrade like making it with double extrudrer will it be easy to add this ? because when i installed cura software to try the wizard asks to upgrade to the latest marlin firmware and the firmware is in hex files so i can't edit the hex files. Is it easy to do this or as a beginner i should buy Ultimaker controller 1.5.7 and later i make another one with Ramps 1.4? Also i can't find any source to explain what are the main components i need , every time i search i find a lot of add ons like: thermo couple board , heating bed without finding what are the basics do i need exactly to make it work and then i upgrade it .. Thanks in advance
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