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  1. Hello, i also have setup our new "ultimaker 2 extended" with "Octoprint". But i have an strange issue and i dont know what i can do. I have setup a test print, with Cura 14.04.02 and 14.04 .. also i set the GCode Flavor to Marlin Sprinter and set the filament diameter, and also i setup the "start gcode" and "end gcode" with the above snippets. Next i uploaded the the gcode file to octoprint, and loaded it. Than i start the prinz prozess it does everything nice.. but there is no extusion at all.. there is material extrusion... i have checked all variables twice.. the printer start printing normally, but its like there is no filament mounted to the printer. :(Also the nozzle and bett headups correctly). Has anyone an Idea??
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