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  1. I have an UM2 and have converted it to 1.75 mm for use with a Palette. It still prints the same quality but can't print quite as fast due to stripping filament. I got the 1.75 mm conversion, a 1.75 mm bowden, and some new nozzles from the link below and am quite pleased with the print quality. https://thegr5store.com/store/index.php/um2-175.html Cheers, Liam
  2. I wasn't thinking of using a switch. I was thinking banana plugs or the like. Or a protoboard with screw terminals to switch the heaters and pt100s and the wires from the board simply soldered on?
  3. Would it be easier to simply use screw terminals or something to switch heaters and temp sensors instead of having to play with the software?
  4. Fair enough. Did you plug the heater and sensor into the ports where the dual extrusion was going to go?
  5. This is essentially what I plan to do. I am thinking about cutting the heater block and heat sensor cables and using screw terminals to easily switch nozzles without messing with the motherboard every time. Any tips on how to do this? I don't want to mess up my new components...
  6. Nice! I have bought one and am very excited to try it out!!
  7. That is really neat...What a crazy internal geometery!!
  8. Hello, Sorry if this is a duplicate, as I'm sure someone has asked this question. I have not found a post on it, however. I am converting my UM2 to 1.75 mm and am thinking about leaving my 2.85 assembly together in one slot and was wondering how to let Cura recognize this. Thanks, Liam
  9. Perfect! Thank you for your quick reply!! This forum is great.
  10. Hello, Is conductive filament abrasive enough to warrant a steel nozzle? Cheers, Liam
  11. Makes sense. The green-tec has enough stability under high temperatures to not warp as a fan shroud? Would it be worth milling it from aluminium? What about making a carbon fiber fan shroud?
  12. Hello all, What if the hole for the extra nozzle in UM2 was removed, as there will be no dual extrusion? This would allow the fans to be closer to the nozzle and increase bridging and overhangs, especially on the right side. Also a lighter printhead could move faster. Just an idea. Cheers
  13. Alrighty. Sounds good. Thanks!
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