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  1. I used a PLA not ABS. I try your settings.Thank you
  2. Hi, after many 3d printing with Ultimaker 2, I tried to print this small object .See the picture below.I used Cura version 15.04.6.I attached this pictures (in the pictures you see circled in orange). Below are settings in Cura version 15.04.6: Basic Quality Layer height (mm): 0.3 Shell thickness (mm): 0.8 Enable retraction: selected Fill Bottom/ Top thickness (mm): 0.6 Fill Density (%): 20 Speed and Temperature Print speed (mm/s): 50 Support Support type: None Platform adhesion type: None Machine Nozzle size (mm): 0.4 Advanced Quality Initial layer thickness (mm): 0.3 Initial layer line width (%): 100 Cut off object bottom (mm): 0.0 Dual extrusion overlap (mm): 0.15 Speed Travel speed (mm/s): 150.0 Bottom layer speed (mm/s): 20 Infill speed(mm/s): 0.0 Top/bottom speed(mm/s): 0.0 Outer shell speed(mm/s): 0.0 Inner shell speed(mm/s): 0.0 Cool Minimal layer time (sec): 5 Enable cooling fan: selected What can I do? How can I improve? Thank you very much. Bye, Christian.
  3. The first extruder was original and after I installed the Olsson block at the same time. I don't disassembled any other parts also a extruder and sensor PT100 because it broke. In this time to printed normally and the feeder motor normally turned.The next day gave me problems.The nozzle heat up as usual.Watch the movie: http://we.tl/QGDZjWfSCB.
  4. I recently updated Ultimaker 2, an extruder with Olsson block with different nozzles, but the feeder that I have installed this alternative UM2 Feeder - version two of IRobertI does not charge a PLA filament.The motor filament motor is idling.What can I do? I have to change with new feeder? Thank you very much.
  5. Look at my tutorial, everything is explained and with pics. The problem comes from the screw that is holding the bearing. It should not need a bolt and should be placed the other way around like this: Hi, thank you very much, alternative um2 feeder version-two about |Robert| works. Thank you again. Christian
  6. @tinkergnome This is the photo: Show me what's not good about this feeder? Thank you.
  7. Hello, I installed the new feeder this from https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two about |Robert|, but the screw in the left with the spring.It’s well? I entered the filament but is slow. The left wheel touches the wheel to the right of motors.When I insert the filament does not pass between the two wheels, but slips out in the middle, see rectangle in colored in red.What should I do? See the picture: http://it.tinypic.com/r/2mebejp/8. What can I do? Could you advise me how should I do? Someone can help me, please.Thank you very much.
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