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  1. I'm also curious about this. Would be lovely to be able to smooth out the surface of a ninjaprint. Anyone tried anything? Sanding? Acetone ect?
  2. Hi I just received three rolls of Polymakers new Polycarbonate filament, PC-Plus. http://www.polymaker.com/shop/polymaker-pc-plus/ At first glance I find it quite easy to print with, easy to load and I got away printing right away with the settings Polymaker recommends. I have the UM2 Extended. The challenge seems to be the platform adhesion. Printing straight on the glass heated to 80 degrees don’t work at all, came off after the first layer. Tried to use a generous amount of glue stick, that seemed to work but when I got back to the print a few hours later it had started to come of the bed anyway. The only thing that seems to work is the Buildtak that Polymaker recommend, and that is included in the package. The hard thing with Buildtak is the buildplate calibration, if it is to close to the nozzle the print fuses totally to the Buldtak and you have to rip it to get it loose :( Would be nice to find a solution without the Buildtak, so I am open to any suggestions So far I have printed a coffee-cup with it and it came out great, for exception that I had to sand-paper of the Buldtak from the bottom of it It have grate strength, I have “thrown” it in to the stone floor several times and only got a small crack in the thinnest point of the handle. A very nice feature is the glass transition temperature that is well above 110 ºC according to Polymaker. I filled the cup with water and boiled it in the microwave, and the cup was unaffected. Is there anyone else out there that have tried PC-Plus and have any experience from it?
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