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  1. I might have the same problem as you. After changing to ruby I have problems getting a normal flow, even though I have a bondtech extruder on my UM2. Curious on what you found out..
  2. Hi Michael! After many days of tweeking the CubeX for the last 2-3 years to get a decent print that sticks to the surface, we finally bought Verbatim filament and reloaded a cartridge with it. Things suddenly went smooth and the future looked bright.. Until the chip said the cartridge was empty.. It seems like we need to use Cura and BfB to get past another wall to finally use this printer. Would you please post your findings, machine settings and post processor? As a last resort we will try to replace the electronics with a Smoothieboard, but I recon settings in Cura will be the same and
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