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  1. Hi I'm using an Ultimaker Original and using the Pause at Z plugin to stop the print so that I can insert nuts into a print. I want the plugin to perform an extrusion before starting to print a layer so that the filament comes out cleanly. The issue I'm having is that if I do any kind of extrusion, just before printing the first layer after pausing, the Ultimaker does a huge retraction, defeating the purpose of doing the extrusion in the first place! Here's some example code: f.write(";TYPE:CUSTOM\n") f.write("M83\n") #Set to relative modenewZ = z + moveZf.write("G1 Z%f F300\n" % (new
  2. Awesome! Thanks for all of your replies. I'm going to give SwapAtZ a shot tomorrow (it seems to works in Cura 14.09 in the layers panel). Yeah +1 for the micro-structures video. I would give simplify3d a go aside from being poor haha.
  3. Hi I would like to be able to dynamically change infill density based on the height of an object, are there any plugins that do this already? Tweak at Z doesn't seem to support infill density as a setting. Thanks for your help Jamie
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