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  1. Hi I'm using an Ultimaker Original and using the Pause at Z plugin to stop the print so that I can insert nuts into a print. I want the plugin to perform an extrusion before starting to print a layer so that the filament comes out cleanly. The issue I'm having is that if I do any kind of extrusion, just before printing the first layer after pausing, the Ultimaker does a huge retraction, defeating the purpose of doing the extrusion in the first place! Here's some example code: f.write(";TYPE:CUSTOM\n") f.write("M83\n") #Set to relative modenewZ = z + moveZf.write("G1 Z%f F300\n" % (newZ)) f.write("G4 P%s000\n" % (str(parkDuration))) #Pause for the desired number of seconds f.write("G1 E5 F200\n") f.write("G1 X%f Y%f Z%f F300\n" % (x, y, z))f.write("M82\n") If I remove this line: f.write("G1 E5 F200\n"), then the Ultimaker wont do a retraction before starting the next layer. If its there, it will extrude and then when the next layer starts it will do a retraction. Retraction is off in the print settings. Anyone have any idea why this would be? Thanks for your help Jamie
  2. Awesome! Thanks for all of your replies. I'm going to give SwapAtZ a shot tomorrow (it seems to works in Cura 14.09 in the layers panel). Yeah +1 for the micro-structures video. I would give simplify3d a go aside from being poor haha.
  3. Hi I would like to be able to dynamically change infill density based on the height of an object, are there any plugins that do this already? Tweak at Z doesn't seem to support infill density as a setting. Thanks for your help Jamie
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