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  1. Hi, Sorry delayed on adding more findings after my initial set, @nccwarp9 you might find this helpful... The issue happened again to me after my last post, however I had inspected the gcode file on the SD Card after saving and it appeared to be correct (included the footer padding which was absent on the bad files). However the print failed at the end in the random way, when I put the SD card back into the PC the gcode was again corrupted at the end of the file. I tried a few more slice, export and view cycles and every time it appeared OK, however when I re
  2. Hi. I'm seeing the same issue. It's happened on a number of prints now, I assumed it was due to a bad SD card to begin with but I don't think that now. Here's what I know... I only ever see it from Fusion 360 generated STL's. Never OpenSCAD ones, I've also never seen it on a Thingiverse file (but I don't generally know the application used to generate the files in that case). I've seen it happen a number of times from Fusion 360 generated STLs. Appears to be the last layer (difficult to tell if it's perhaps one or two from the last layer, b
  3. Same issue here. Windows 8.1, Cura 2.4.0 It's only the D drive for me. I have many other removable disks (and actually the SD card is normally the J drive), but only the D (DVD) drive is getting flagged. Cura has become unusable. Change layer height, accidentally move model, drop new model on workspace, do almost anything and I get 50+ no disk messages. I'm going to roll back to 2.3.1, hopefully a fixed build of 2.4 will be out soon?
  4. Need a lid for your Ultimaker 2? Look no further, you can find the designs here: github.com/Tinamous/UltimakerLid V1.1 is the most basic: V1.2 includes draft excluder brushes to fit around the Boden tube and cables as well as an opening to embed a Raspberry Pi & 7" touch screen. We use OctoPrint to stream the webcam so it's handy to have the Pi directly in the lid. We've found the lids work well for: Keeping the dust off the build platform (a big problem in Makespace) Improving temperature stability when printing Camera mounting for remote monitoring using OctoPrint The
  5. Really want to but having problems getting it working properly. Managed to get it connected and inserted the pre/post gcode for printing but it's not working properly for me yet (sorry was a month or two ago that I tried so forget the finer details of what was wrong). FYI - Printer is a shared one in our local MakeSpace so having the camera, usage stats, access control and all that OctoPrint brings would really benefit us. Any tips on getting UM2 and OctoPrint would be very welcome! Cheers, Steve.
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