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  1. Thank you very much guys. I did just as you said and voila! No more clicking sounds.
  2. I also have the same problem with my Ultimaker 2. You can check out my topic here: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17666-clicking-sound-as-the-printer-head-moves
  3. Hi guys, I just bought an Ultimaker 2 and it has started making clicking sounds. To me it sounds like a wood click, or structure shift, its either happening in the back left corner (on the short belt and the motor) or on the rods (left and right ones). I still have those "click" sounds when I move the print head manually. I can't see anything hitting the sliding blocks or directly hitting the corners. It looks like clicks only happen in y axis. And it only happens in specific places. I tried re-alligning belts but either I did it wrong or the belts aren't causing the problem. Also I trie
  4. Hi everyone, Just got my Ultimaker 2 and I'm new to 3D printing. I wanted to ask if the double-beep (while retraction) is normal. Does all Ultimaker 2s do that? And is there a way to stop it? Thanks for help.
  5. Just bought an Ultimaker 2 from a local reseller. Should I have waited?
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