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  1. hej gr5! Thanks for the reply! i understand everything about support structure and infill and i checked, there is no errors in the model. It was just, the errors in the supportstructure where in a not so good positon and i wanted to know if i can smooth them or even get rid of them.
  2. Oh no.... sorry guys my bad! It was the wrong model!!!! But see, it is still there and also different!
  3. I have to correct. No this "things" do not correspond to upper parts! an by the way thanks for the reply! Oh now i loaded it new for the picture, and see... a wonderfull new structure!!![/media] the surface is totally even, modelled in rhino 5 mac.
  4. i ment this parts! no they dont, i got that quite often in the last time, since cura 15!
  5. Hej gr5, thanks for the reply! But i don´t ment the lines of the support and the infill structure. I ment in the blue lines there are some parts that do not belong to the straigt lines! Do you see what i mean? how do they come?
  6. hello world! I have some problems with the infill. I attached a foto, where you can see, that the infill has little squares in it. Does anybody know what that is and how i get that away and/or what causes that? Thanks for a reply! Benedikt.
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