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  1. Hello, Well, I dissasembled the print-hed allready and measured the temperatur on the heater element. It was 300C as I thought. This sensor delivers the average on some point (where its important) which is ok. I cleaned the preheated nozzle with a 3mm drill bit MANUALY. On the bottom side I do the same with a 0,4mm drill bit. Also Manualy. Now it works again. This is probably the reason, they giving the new nozzle head (Olsson Block) for free for every new customer. Its not a problem to clean the original one, but cleaning the Olsson Block is much easier. The Atomic Method cleaning does
  2. Hello, I don't know which software protection my ultimaker have got build in. I don't want to brick it. Can I upload this Firmware over the build in USB I/O? Does anybody knows if the Sensor is fixed or glued on the heater somehow? Is there a manual somehwre how to remove it properly? Is there a posibility to contact the developer directly? Regards, Maverick
  3. Hello, Im shocked about this. I thought when I purchasing a produkt for more than 3000 EUR it will not fail because of broken 2EUR component. I'm simply speachless... So, is it posibible to change the temperature in the Firmware over the build in USB I/O? Or I must open the box and search for ISP I/O for reprogramming the Chip? I bought mine 2 Months ago and it comes with standard heater block. It was a spare nozzle in the package. Once I removed the bowden-tube allready as the whole tube was dirty from the previous filament dust, which was made from the mechanism it's located outside
  4. Hello, After I run into different problems printing with ABS I measured the nozzle temperature. It's set up for 260C, showing 260-262C but the real temperature is between 220-245C which is the way to low for printing with ABS. I also noticed the temperature is not very stable. Sometimes it's stable 230C but showing 260C on the Display. Sometimes it's fluctuating between 225C and 245C While it's cools down to 225C and stay for 10-20 seconds the cooled ABS blocking the nozzle or the transportation Gear broking the Filament. Is there a way for get more accurate temperature on the ultimak
  5. Hello, Yes, we are using also Lightwave for 3D Prints. Regards, Maverick
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