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  1. Excellent question and excellent thread. It was me who liked all the answers. I love this forum...helps me in my job a lot. I'll be linking someone to this thread...hopefully he'll be part of the Ultimaker community soon.
  2. You met with Charles? I also met him last year in June, pretty cool guy! And I like what he is doing with his extruder. I have one, haven't had the opportunity to try it but using silicones I can imagine one could make some pretty handy things. The feeding process took quite some time to get started, but you know.. good things come to those who wait Yes that is the guy, top guy!! And haha yeah the purge can take a while. He said it had a few tweaks that needed making, and it is at a rather experimental stage, but he'd had some good prints from it. I'll get some pictures up.
  3. Ah right fair point. Yeah he said the icing is good, but some of the silicone stuff he produced was impressive. I was thinking you said about the silicone molds. But yeah I see your point.
  4. Cloak What do you know about the Structur3d Tower? It's a paste extruder you attach to the Ultimaker. Silicones, clay, polyurethane I'm sure got mentioned. I sat with the guy who pioneered it yesterday for a good few hours - very smart guy in his field which is material sciences - I'm sure you'd have a good conversation with him. Worth a look at least for you I reckon. Would like to hear your thoughts on it? http://www.structur3d.io/#discov3ry
  5. Dave you're a gentleman, most of the time haha. Thanks for your feedback. You have a lot of good ideas so you'll be a welcome addition to the forum. We'll set that profile section tomorrow.
  6. Wow was it two weeks ago that we spoke? Christ on a bike where did that time go. This project looks better than it sounded on the phone!!! Just to be walking down the street and hear the "banshee" noises of the Tie Fighter would be something to behold. And if you could get it ready for the Rogue 1 release? Unlikely, I bet, but the gauntlet is set! Great start to your community career 4558, I'll look forward to your posts. You've met Sander and some of the other mods I mentioned. Here is cloakfiend also. Had me crying (with laughter) within seconds of finding the thread.
  7. Thanks to all for the replies, think the customer is going down the mould route, so we'll see from here.
  8. I tried a print with machinable wax and it came out ........................ different. [/media] Wish I'd have come here first, but thought I'd try my own settings. I too couldn't print with it below about 180C so to have that g-code solution is pretty awesome. Although me and g-code don't get on all the time. Will look in to the m320 as well, thanks a lot.
  9. This is a busy thread, hope you can help me, I have received an enquiry from someone saying "What precisely we are looking for, is a 3D Printer which can print in a material such as, or closely resembling, paper-pulp, with a result which resembles the material and texture of the 'egg-box'." Can anyone help?
  10. I just wanted to show how the sections were laid out. And also wanted to show off my artistry skills
  11. The pictures are my awe inspiring attempt at Banksy art Here it is again in case you missed it ----------- This is section 1 ----------- this is section 2 ------------------ This is section 3 --------------------
  12. Sorry Peter I wrote that second bit without seeing your reply, cheers
  13. Say the model is in three equal parts and the height is 150mm The base section you pause at 50mm; job done. The roof section you sink it by 100mm; job done. The middle section you either sink it by 50mm leaving a 100mm model. Do you then pause at 50mm and hope the machine recognises the fact you've sunk it in. Or does the machine still have a 150mm model on the build-plate therefore you have to pause at a height of 100mm? Think that's a bit clearer.
  14. Yeah that sounds like the best way. Off topic, do you ever pause at height or sink into build plate. I'm attempting to print some architectural models with overhangs etc, so printing in three parts is the way forward I believe to avoid lots of support being used. The model is about 35 mm tall. ----------- This is section 1 ----------- this is section 2 ------------------ This is section 3 -------------------- So first I printed section 1 by sinking the model to the bottom of that section. It was 10.3 mm. No problem the
  15. A friend of mine printed some bronze fill in the form of Nefertiti's head. He filled that with salt after pausing the print very near the top of her hat. We took it to some 3d print shows and the amount of people that thought it had been printed in bronze before we told them was quite eye-opening. Not sure how salt reacts to all the processes you may put these models through?
  16. I am struggling to attach the pics. But basically what it shows in normal view, is not showing in layer view, so it's a file problem. Here is something the customer sent to me: No real progress and frustrating. If I try to load a new model, its loads the same old geometry even if ive exported the new STL with a new name and of a new geometry. Am I missing something, am I not clearing old geometry properly? Can anyone shed any light on this?
  17. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night to all I have been speaking to architects over the last few months and have discovered a few different leaps of innovation regarding 3d physical model building when combining CAD software with our printers. My question is, what is the best way to export to .stl from Revit? I have been speaking to different companies and they are struggling. I sent this over, which is something my colleague sent me - Hi Shaun, Here’s what I got from Autodesk for converting Revit files to STL’s, Exporting for 3D Printing from Revit https://know
  18. Thanks Mumzel, will forware that image. Think they were slightly disgruntled with the fact the website states 223 x 223mm. Thanks again fro your help
  19. This has probably been done to death, but what is the maximum rectangle/square you can print on an Ultimaker 2+? Website states 223 x 223 but I've been reliably informed it isn't that by a someone looking to print the biggest possible rectangle/square with all first layer touching build-plate?
  20. Desert Eagle on Resident Evil for Playstation was a beast of a gun
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