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  1. OK this is getting beyond ridiculous. My Ultimaker 2 had some problems in the past but this one is out of order. Why place a flag in a system when every ultimaker is different. The hotend and block are not a very good design but thats not the main complaint. You installed different heaters in every ultimaker. You have a 21W, 25W, and maybe even a 30W kicking around somewhere. And what really got me mad about the situation is that an OFFICIAL shroud is not "compatable" with the new firmware? What? So you made a product that has no scalability. Once a new firmware is released, I would have to reprint or order new parts. And considering now I get this error, there is no way for me to print another shroud. I have a new Olson Block and its a really nice kit but at the end of the day, it was the printer and the firmware that screwed the whole thing up. This is NOT a finished product and should not be viewed as such. This new feature MUST be optional, not should, MUST. Put a flag in the settings menu to turn that code on and off. Since the Olson is bigger, I will be installing the new 35W heater and that will solve a problem with underheating that I recently had. But that wont solve the problem of it turning of. Currently, even if I wanted to, I am not able to print spare parts and forced to revert back to the 14.07 firmware. That firmware had another problem, before I updated. Prints well for 3-4 layers, then skips like 5 or 6 and continues like nothing happened. I fixed the STL and renamed it and deleted it off the SD but still, breaks layers in the same place. So, I have a feeling that once I revert, same problem may arise. Could you, maybe, make a patch for the Firmware that has this monitor function as a toggle? Dont release something into the wild if it hasnt been tested by masses. Or at least have experimental functions under toggles so that anyone who is not sure if it works for him, could simply turn it on or off if something was to happen. Also, WHY make it a critical failure error. That just adds to the problem more than it solves. I cant get into the menu, if it aborts half way through the print, which means I cant control the temperature and keep the hotend hot so it wont stick into the table. I cant cancel print if the error pops up, the heater shuts down, then what? The material is still fed like normal but the temperature is dropping in the hotend. That will cause more of a failure than the hot end not being able to control the heating evenly. Feeder breaks and maybe even a burnout of the stepper. Locking me out and asking to contact support is the dumbest thing to do on a hot and working machine. I had to throw the physical switch at the back quickly in order for me to get my control back. Get this patch as quickly as possible as this is an EXPERIMENTAL function and not the final. All the machines are made different so unification will require more work.
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