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  1. I appreciate your reply. I was unaware of glass temps. I have purchased some Protopasta High Temp PLA. Seems I can heat treat it to make it withstand temps from 120°-140°C. That should exceed the heat my truck builds up in the day. I appreciate your help. This is something I'm going to research for every type of filament I buy now.
  2. Hello all, I have just gotten into 3d printing not too long ago, within a year. I haven't printed much, just a few things for myself. Recently in this heat here in SE Georgia I have had problems with a print I have in the cab of my truck warping from the heat. I originally had it printed with 25% infill, so I figured that was the problem. Recently I printed it again with 100% infill and it didn't even last a full week before it started to warp again. I am using the metallic silver PLA that came with my UM2, and the print came out great, nothing wrong there. Does anyone have any recommendations on what filament would not warp in the heat of a vehicle in the middle of the day? I have tried to do some searching but i haven't really seen anyone say they've had problems similar to mine. I work nights so it may be a while before I can read replies but I look forward to learning some more about 3d printing.
  3. Willing to purchase today if still available! Contact me and we can trade our information!
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