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  1. Leider war hier die Hilfe nicht ganz so groß wie im internationalen Teil des Forums, deswegen hier mal der Link zum anderen Thread: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/17901-university-low-budget-project-please-help?page=2&sort=#reply-127031
  2. Problem solved. Just connected Hotend to "Temp0" and Heatbed to "Temp2". In Marlin #define TEMP_SENSOR_0 X #define TEMP_SENSOR_1 X X for the used thermistor. Greets.
  3. My solution for thermistors as I wrote in the startpost works with that V1.5.7 Board. I think the UM2 Board works only with PT100, no matter which type, but you have to adpat that in marlin.
  4. I just gonna give you guys an update here. We have almost finished the first printer and the second one is not going to be finished by us. I wasn't able to get that China Board V2.1.1. to run correctly because there was obviosly something damaged. So the first printer has to run with the Arduino Mega 2560 and the UM Board V1.5.7. by Sainsmart. We got the thermistors (PTC 100K and PT100) running without any thermocouple. There was also a lot of work with that Board and a lot of trouble with that Set: -Stepper Drivers 3 of 5 not working at all, one exploded due misfunction and the last
  5. @ataraxis I wasn't online here a while too. I will read you pm's just after that post. @all The green China UM2 Board arrived and I did a dry test with it. There seem to work all axisses excepr the Y axis. Any suggestions? May the default firmware on this have an error. The stepper is under voltage because I can't turn it with my fingers until I tun off the board.
  6. Thank you xisle, I already found that. Sainsmart just totally forgot to solder on that jumper socket. I did and it worked fine.
  7. Hello Guys! Our Sainsmart replica of the UM 1.5.7 Board arrived us and the problem is very simple: The Arduino is not getting any electricity by the UM 1.5.7 Board at all. I have to connect at least USB to it for that. But I think the Arduino has to get its juice just over the Board. Any suggestions for that? Greets.
  8. Hello Guys! We are building an Ultimaker from different part sources. Actually we have almost the material for two Ultimakers. Firstly we have to do the Challenge with a Sainsmart UM Kit with that UM 1.5.7 Board. We also have bought the print heads by E3D model V6 which have including ntc 100k thermistors which have already tables in marlin. As the V1.5.7. Board works with thermocouple, there was the question how to connect this. I got already an answere to just connect Signal and GND, to the board but I'd have to look for the resistors behind the connectors. Is it true, that I need a diffe
  9. Hey Guys, I grabbed out that thread cuz I got a question about this topic. We have a pt100 for the hotend and a pt100 for the heatbed and we wanna connect them directly to that Board V1.5.7. On our Board there seem to be already those 4.7k Resistors. Are we doing fine connecting those PT100 directly to the "Temp1" and "Temp2" marked connectors just with GND and Siganal? Do we have to make those changes on #define TEMP_SENSOR_0 X #define TEMP_SENSOR_1 X X: Sensor used here. Greets and thank you for ya help.
  10. @neotko I wrote him, but it seems we need that thermocouple thing twice, this is sad. Anyone else an idea.
  11. Hello guys, it has been a while since the last time I was here. We ordered parts now and this Sainsmart UM Pack (with that V1.5.7) arrived. So this Board came and there where several connectors missings so I had to fix that first. Anyways, as normal for that V1.5.7 Board the thermo connectors have three pins for that Thermocouple thing. The UM+ and the UM2 do have just two pins. So can anybody tell me how to connect a simple PT100 to that Board?
  12. And they will sell it just to you? This would be an option. @all Anyways guys you are so helpful here I just got the last questions here: Its about the UM V1.5.7. It can handle more types of Sensors including PT100? The heater output is 18V? This would be go up to 24V if I would mod it to 24V PSU!?
  13. @neotko I did not find any source to buy the original UM Board V2.1.1, so its not 300€ its priceless. If you find a source for that board (original), it would be great if you tell me how much and where. Anyways, I found the differences of that clone board to the authentic. Well I could correct that, but maybe not necesary, bcoz we are using enough unauthentic stuff. No one did respond to my firm/software question yet - that would be cool too.
  14. And why do you think its wrong poled soldered in? Really I can't follow your thougts!
  15. @neotko Thank you neotko, but which connector(s) do you actually mean? Those of that stepper motors or this power connection? I actually wanted to go with those steppers for this version. Yes you read right. There has changed something: The customer alowed us to buy material for two mashines. It doesn't matter if we get those two finished, but there should be at least one ready for project presentation end of january. I don't have to mention all this **** ducumentation stuff we have to do and so on.
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