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  1. I got the printer, and assembled it step by step, nice and easy. i took my time because i really wanted to learn as much as possible about the printer and how everything Works. then it keept underekstruding because the ekstrudermotor just keept "clicking" instead of running. I did all that i could and had evry single ajustment in Cura under inspection, nothing happened. I did not expect the software to make the mistakes, so i brought the printer to the shop, and they "fixed" it, believing that my filament ajustment was too tight. I got the printer home, same problem. Brought it back to the shop and they analysed evrything, and nothing seemed to be wrong with the assembly, hardware or firmware. The guy in the shop said that it was only my files that made the problem. it worked fine when they printed items from their computers. When i brought my printer to the shop, the NeXT days they keept getting new printers with the same problem, underekstrusion and a feedermotor that just keept "clicking". the only thing we all had in common was Cura 15.04.02 or later. Thats why i can only believe that the slicer in Cura makes some trouble with the feedermotor. Now i have absolutely no problems printing wery nice stuff with Repeter Host. Im kinda tech freek, so the ekstra settings in Repeter suits me fine. And altso. i dont use the cheap filament stuff. in my opinion, if you dont have the Money to spend on something, its not worth it. so why settle just to save a few bucks...
  2. The end code makes the printer cooldown, but i am usually going to print while im at Work juring the day, and i dont want my printer to stay on with 20-something degree on the hotend and the bed. When it is not printing i donmt see why it should stay on. thats why i want to make this endcode. But thanks, ill check up on the coding system, and hopefully get the right result.
  3. Hi. I dont know if anyone could help, but i think someone might. I would like to have an end code written so my printer vil move the ekstrision head "home" ( the front left corner, and move the builtplate (z-axis) to the bottom of my printer. Im not familier with g-coding yet, but i would like to have this end code, so the ekstrusion head dont shut Down right over the printed object. Mabye the option to "cool Down" and then shut Down after moving the ekstrusion head and bed would be a really nice feature. Im currently using Repetier Host as print programme, and i can see that you in this programme is able to vary your start and endcodes from print to print. Therefore this endcodes would benefit me a lot. Thanks in advance.
  4. Of course, it has some differences, but most of the hardware is the same.
  5. The UMO+ has two versions as i can read. The first version have the same mainboard and altso firmware as the UMO. The second version, the one i have has same mainboard as UMO2 and altso same firmware.
  6. Thanks everybody. The build went smooth, and im glad that i did not choose the preassembled version. I know a lot more about the printer, and im sure it will give me some big advanteges over time. The lights is for just for the sake of having better lighting inside the box, so the shadows from downlights in the cieling will be minimized. Can i connect the two small fans to the same output in the main board? About the steppermotors, i have found out that, of course, the 0,9 can make better precision, and they are a lot less noisy. Besides that, the steppers are overpowered, so lowering the power can make less heat and less noise. or so ive read.
  7. Thanks. Ive tried to go back using 15.04 instead of 15.04.02, but the settings followed (Windows dont always delete everything) so have the same problem with the slicer no matter what version i use. Now i use Repeter Host and it Works fine so im sure that it is the software. Formating my computer this weekend, and try Cura Again. Updating will follow.
  8. Hi. Im all new, and i had the same problem with my UMO+. Cura have some problems with the latest versions. Its the slicer that makes the problems so the E-stepper (ekstruder motor) just keeps "clicking" instead of ekstruding resulting in underekstrusion. My advice is to delete the version of Cura you have and try an older version. If you are using an Windows computer, you might have a problem with deleting the entire program. Windows saves a lot of data even when you remove a programe. I have to format my entire computer, because the settings in Cura follows even when deleting cura and installing a new version. Try out another programe mabye. Im using Repeter Host and that makes batter prints than Cura. Try it and please give some feedback.
  9. HI. As im new to the 3dprinting World, i have just got my UMO+. As a lot of you, by assembling the printer i have a lot of Things i want to upgrade or just change for better personal usage. 1) My first queation is to the LED lights that the UMO2 have. Its nice to see the prints better, but how much light can i apply to the UMO2 main board which is default in my printer? 2) I would very much like to get rid of the big standart fan. I know some smaller fans that makes a lot less noice. But what about the fan output on the main board, can it support 2 small fans instead of the standart one? 3) I have looked around, and found that a lot of you modify your ultimakers with new steppermotors. the standart is 1,8degree and you replace it with 0,9degree. is the 0,9degree motors more quiet? I hope you understand my questions, and i have searched with no luck. Please help the newbie. Regards Mark.
  10. Hi. Im all new to this and i just bought my first 3dprinter, an UMO+. Ive had it for about 3 weeks, but havent got a single good print yet, so i thought that the problem was my settings, my hardware or just me bieng plain stupid! I handed my printer back to my retailer for some good advice, and the answer came back. Cura! It might be that the "newer" versions of Cura have a problem with the slicer, that makes the printer underextrude. The advice i got from my retailer was to go back to Cura 15.04 for best result. What is your thoughts on this matter? Regards.
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