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  1. Ultimaker Cura 3.3.1 came out last night, and solved my problem
  2. Version 3.3 (on Windows 10 - 64 bit) installs fine, and uninstalls the older version 3.2.1. Upon starting Cura 3.3, I see the logo splash screen and the changelog window, which then shuts down Cura. No orphan executables, nothing in the Windows logs. Have uninstalled/reinstalled, and restarted Windows, but with the same result.
  3. Next week I expect to test som POM filament. https://www.igus.nl/product/12404 Anyone have any experience with this filament, and is there a good profile available?
  4. Thanks, have also thought of the super glue, but would rather have an engineered solution, like a screw-attached spacer. Even just an extra nylon gear as spacer would help. There was also an interesting post about contacting your dealer for a replacement nylon gear, as the gear has been improved. Mine was an early upgrade kit for Ultimaker 2 to Ultimaker 2+ just after they came out. I think I will try that route, through my contact at Ultimaker.
  5. The small nylon gear on the stepper motor shaft keeps slipping along the shaft with time and usage. Eventually it slips far enough that the gears don't mesh with each other, and the feeder stops feeding filament. I can easilly repair this problem by disassembling the back portion of the feeder, pulling the gear back into position, and reassembling. I've had to repair this 3 times in the last year, and the printer doesn't get heavily used. Please see attached photos: 1st the gear too far back along the shaft as to not engage, 2nd in the correct position. Is there a solution to th
  6. Thanks, I was experiencing gear slippage as well. Never would have thought that the gear would be the problem. I just cleaned the shaft and put it back in position (no superglue), and will see if it slips anymore.
  7. I've had good experience with 3DLAC in an aeresol can. Similar to using hair spray, but it's water soluable and easy to clean the glass. I print a lot of PET in my U2ext+, and some tall objects just need good bed adhesion
  8. I've tried hex tips and torx tips (torx gives a better grip inside the screw), as well as vice grips and heating the block at various temps. Found some acetone to dissolve any PLA remains, but didn't seem to help I'm guessing I'll end up having to replace the heater and temp sensor as well, but that just isn't right. Poor engineering.
  9. When changing the heater block and nozzle in my Ultimaker 2, the screw holding the heater element and temp sensor is stuck fast. I've tried heating the block to 150 degrees and using a torx screwdriver, but I've only succeeded in stripping the inside portion of the screw. Pliers don't seem to get enough grip. I've got a new screw and heater block/nozzle, so damaging the screw isn't a concern. There was some PLA seepage around the block when disassembling it, so I imagine that some PLA has seeped in the threads. I don't have chloroform to dissolve PLA (nasty stuff and hard to come by anyway
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