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  1. The switch doesn't work, no matter if usb is connected or not. It doesn't work even if I disconnect all devices from the shield. The heater also doesn't work. I wonder if broken pololu can cause it? I will swap the drivers as you advised and see what will happen.
  2. After updating firmware my UO came back to life (at least partially). I should have done it at the beggining, I suppose, but I'm a total begginer at this field (it's my first 3d printer). So what have changed: - ultimaker controller screen now works fine - I can navigate through menu, - y and z axis motors work fine. What doesn't changed: - I still can't switch Ultimaker off by using side switch, - x axis motor and extruder motor doesn't work (but it's not a motor failure - when I changed x and y motor plugs on the shield, x motor started to work), - when I choose "Preheat PLA" option, "preheat failure" text showed up and the screen began of controller started to blink. So I'm miles ahead, but still not there. Anybody have an idea?
  3. I have an older pcb. That's strange - I've recieved my kit two weeks ago, and I was being said it goes directly from Netherlands. Now you say UM ships newer version from January. I'm a little bit confused. Maybe there's been some mistake... To be specific.. I've got Ulitmaker Original, not UO+ - don't knot if that makes a difference in case of electronics. I think reading schematics, without electronics background (and I don't have one) would be useless in that case, so I will contact support and try to have that piece replaced. One last question - is it possible that broken stepper motor or other part was the cause of that problem? In other words - can other elements damage that PCB board? Thank you for all your help!
  4. Thank you for your reply. It seems that something on the the shield is broken. - playing with Ulticontroller cables gives no effect (two lines of screen are covered with rectangles), - pushing the knob doesn't make buzz sound, - on/off switch deosn't work, - the only thing that works is bottom fan and top diode, - two green leds (led6, led7) on the board are shining, but led 6 is stronger, - there are sparks when I plug in power adapter - looks like short circuit to me, - when I connect arduino with shield on top to my computer it recognizes Arduino MEGA. Because it's brand new I will contact support/my local dealer and try to get it serviced. But just for the curiosity - depending on those symptoms - do you have an idea what could have cause it? I will get multimeter tommorow - I can test some parameters if you tell me where to check.
  5. Hello everyone! I recently bought UO DIY kit, and just finished an assembly. I had few problems - there were some pulleys and bolts missing, but I managed to buy replacements. As I said, today I finished as assemby. As I'm not familiar with electronics I drew special attention to connect every part of electronics as it's described in manual. I double checked connections on circuit board, but when I powered UM for the first time something unusual happend - one of the motors (Y-axis motor) started to make weird noise and controller screen started to blink very fast. I tried to power UM off, but I couldn't do it with switch. Only pulling the plug worked. When I put the plug back lillte sparks showed up between plug ang socket, motor stopped making weird noise and rectangles showed up on controller screen. The only thing that works is bottom fan and diode on top of extrusion head. I think there is something wrong with circuit board. Does anybody have an idea what might have happend? What should I do? Please help! Piotr
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