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  1. I just wanted to follow-up and say that I am really liking the Tinker version of the UM2 firmware. I run 3 UM2 machines at work and all of them run great with this new firmware. I love the simplified usage of the interface along with the detailed statistics while printing. I cannot wait to see what TinkerGnome has in store in the future. Thanks again! --Scott
  2. My Tinker Firmware is now installed and functioning correctly! This is outstanding firmware with great support. I am not sure I will be able to switch back. --Scott
  3. Oh no! I installed the Tinker Firmware and when I use OctoPrint, my nozzle will shut off as soon as it gets to temperature on every print. Is there a place where I can log this issue for this Firmware? Thanks, --Scott
  4. Thank you so much for taking a look at that! I will install the tinker firmware once my printing queue frees up a bit. Thanks again! Hope to see this in an official release soon. --Scott
  5. WOW! That is good that it was not just me, I thought I was crazy for a moment. I am using firmware version 15.04.02 on all of my machines. I believe this is the latest. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks! --Scott
  6. A little additional info about the SD card testing... I put the M42 S0 command at the beginning of one of my prints and when I ran it from the SD card it crashed the printers. This is happening on all 3 UM2s that I tested it on. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you, --Scott
  7. Has anyone been able to confirm that this M42 command works on the UM2? Both of my UM2 machines crash when I send this command either through a terminal or running off the SD card. Very strange, right?
  8. Which application are you using to send the G Code to your machine? I just tried using Printrun to send the M42 S0 command and it failed and locked up the connection the same as it did with OctoPrint. Any thoughts on what could be going on here? Maybe there is a difference between the UMO+ board and the UM2 board? Can anyone test on an UM2? Thank you, --Scott
  9. Thank you very much for the confirmation. I have opened an issue with OctoPrint to see what could be going on here. Thanks again everyone. --Scott
  10. Can anyone confirm the M42 command works with the Ultimaker 2? If so, I will take a look at Octoprint as being the culprit of the behavior. Thanks guys! --Scott
  11. Excellent. I think my issue may be with Octoprint sending the commands. If I send M42 S0 it will lock up the connection. The LEDs do turn go off every time the connection breaks though. Very strange behavior. Thank you, --Scott
  12. Hey Labern, Thanks for the info. I am using Octoprint to send G Code commands to my printer and unfortunately, the M42 command on Pin 13 seems to be killing the connection to the printer. I sent M42 P13 S0 to the printer and the LED turned off, so I thought I was good, but I just realized the connection has been killed and would need to be reconnected. Any other commands I sent to the printer (i.e. M105), would get no response after that. Is there a way to confirm that the LEDs are using Aux Pin 13? Thanks again! --Scott
  13. Hi Everyone, Long time lurker here. I am just curious if anyone knows how to control the LED lights on the Ultimaker 2 using GCode. I currently have my UM2 machines controlled with Octoprint and I would like to be able to send GCode commands to control the PWM of the LEDs during a USB print. Thank you very much. Scott
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