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  1. hi i can not find the page were i can buy the head for um2
  2. david_easy

    UM2 Feeder Motor Turn Reversal

    what cables?red blue green black ...
  3. solved !!!!!! amazing arduino guy helped me
  4. ...i see blank screen. and cura do not recognize the machine so i can not do normal fupgrate to fix the problem what can i do??? please help me !!!!!
  5. hi, i want to install new 400C all metal head. i think it will not be a problam. but i need the bed to get to 150C. how can i doo it? i want to print PEEK filament. i found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/240-mm-X-240-mm-24V-200W-with-3M-w-PT100-sensor-silicone-3D-printer-heater-pad-/131679370393?hash=item1ea8b3bc99:g:JrcAAOSwEeFVE7-T http://www.ebay.com/itm/200X240mm-500W-220V-Ultimaker-2-Clone-3D-Printer-Heated-Bed-Silicone-Heater-Pad-/281874417021?hash=item41a106457d:g:z-8AAOSwJcZWdQiO http://www.ebay.com/itm/200X240mm-500W-120V-Ultimaker-2-Clone-3D-Printer-Heated-Bed-Silicone-Heater-Pad-/272081763622?hash=item3f59563d26:g:w7IAAOSwhkRWdQlh is it improvment? i do not know what are the specifications of the um2 original bed heater. thanks
  6. I want to replace the rubber of the xy axis with screw. Like it works in the z axis. Can it improve my um2 ???
  7. i want to configure the nozzle hight. now, when i level the bed, it going to high and collide with the nozzle. cura version: 15.06.03 i think i have to do it in the um2 firmware using 3d printer control soft with usb. can someone help me please? thanks.
  8. david_easy

    ULTIMAKER Filament Print temp?

    In your settings you can choose to receive notifications when we publish a new blog post. You never have to miss anything again great tip thnx! when will the next part "printing" be published? very interesting read was part 1 btw, thanks a lot for that! can you replay a link ? i can't find it
  9. david_easy

    better cura !!!

    i do not see expert settings. the UI is completely different
  10. david_easy

    better cura !!!

    found it. thanks
  11. david_easy

    better cura !!!

    nallath, thanks for the support i cant find the settings you talk about combine infill layers support roof (cura version: 15.04.2) can you help me?
  12. david_easy

    better cura !!!

    please add to cura: 1. dens support layer ! please !!!!!!!! 2. dens infill layer ! 3. different resolution for support, infill and walls. 4. support inside of the model !!! instead of infill (0% infill) 5. the ability to delete support islands.
  13. airwolf abs temp 220 speed 60 fan: off resolution: 0.12 nozzle diameter: 0.35

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