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  1. My Ultimaker2 has been printing poorly, with lots of stringing and underextrusion when using "Normal" quick-print settings. I've been perplexed by this for while, but finally got around to pressing an external thermocouple against the nozzle to have an independent temperature reading. Wit the US's display showing a nozzle temp of 210 C, I sometimes get a reasonable reading (within a few degrees), but sometimes 240C. I know it really is that hot because the PLA starts to smoke. So I've got an intermittent problem. I can see that the overheating can cause stringing, but not clear that it
  2. Thanks for the replies. To explain better, the filament moves through the Bowden tube OK until it gets to the hot end. Then the feeder starts skipping. The feeder does not seem to be getting hot. Last night I thought it was because the Bowden tube wasn't fully seated into the Teflon adapter at the hot end, but this morning the problem is still there. Using manual control to advance the material (nozzle at 210C), the feeder skips back. The hot end is actually hot, since a piece of filament melts if touched to the nozzle. At this point my next move is to replace the hot end, since all e
  3. That's strange. That sounds like there is a huge friction in the tube itself. Is it possible you bought some 3mm filament by accident (instead of 2.9mm or 2.85mm)? when you had the bowden disassembled did you try pushing some filament through it? Does it grind even before the filament reaches the head? while it's still part way through the bowden tube? gr5, thanks for your reply. The filament is marked 2.85 mm, and measures 2.8 with my calipers. With the Bowden disassembled, filament did slide easily through it's whole length, and it only grinds once the filament get to the head.
  4. Hi All, I have used my Ultimaker2 reliably for about a year, but now have underextrusion problems, and the symptoms have been getting worse. The feed used to occasionally skip back (make that thunk sound) and under-extrude the first layer. Now, extrusion will fail completely, with the feed gear chewing into the filament. So far, I have: - re-levelled the base plate - Cleaned out the hot end many times using the Atomic method. Plugs come out clean. - Disassembled the bowden tube and blown it out with compressed air - Checked the set-screw tightness on the advance drive gear and blown o
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