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  1. I should have walked away and come back to this when I was less tired. I had flipped the y axis and thought i had re-positioned the end-stop but what I had done was turn the endstop off. Duh ..... Anyway all fixed now thanks
  2. I'm embarrassed to write this but i'm getting mirrored prints (Y axis) on my Ultimaker 2 clone using a Duet 2 wifi running firmware 3.11. It prints well just mirrored? All axis move in the correct direction and I can home each axis independently as well as home all axis. I have all manor of configurations, in fact so many that I have lost track. For the life of me I can not get the Y axis to print the correct way. I can make Cura mirror the print but that is not the correct way to fix this and besides I am likely to forget to do that sometime in the future. The X
  3. The linear rods from www.robotdigg.com are good. I used their 6mm and 8mm rods and bought the 16mm from a Australian eBay seller.
  4. Thanks for that "ultiarjan". Well I guess we can add the Chinese heated beds to the list of bad purchases. I contacted 2 other Aliexpress sellers and one eBay seller and they all reported heater resistance of 7 ohms so I'm trying to find a genuine heated bed now.
  5. I bought a Heat bed from Aliexpress and it's heater resistance is 7.3 ohms which only provides 73watts ish of heating, which is way too low. Can someone confirm the OEM heat bed is around 3-4 ohms please.
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