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  1. I can't seem to find this anywhere else - there seems to be a glitch in the support and infill calculations. For both of them, once you go from 24 to 25 %, the number of traces seems to about double. I was trying to make some parts with big overhangs / gap spanning, so changed the support % to 25, and it seemed like a huge change from the default 20%. Re-running, and stepping at 1% intervals, highlights the problem. 25% looks more like 50% or more - has anyone else seen this? Is there some other setting that I need to tweak? I don't want the super-high fill %, but wanted more than 20 - can I get a happy medium? Thanks for any help and/or pointers! Gary
  2. You should reconsider this - you are missing a lot of funny stuff.... Maybe coming soon... Until then - stick to pronterface and start the pid autotune by hand. I'm getting familiar with pronterface - used it to figure out my x-y dimensions prior to using your firmware, and also ran the PID tuning commands. One question for the more knowledgeable - I had the command run 8 cycles, should I use the last values output, or average them together? As the test ran, it displayed each one in the terminal window - being a science-type, I copied all of them down and averaged them together - aggregated results are better than a single test, right? But as I am thinking about it later, I am wondering if it is actually a series of approximations, getting closer and closer to the 'real' values... those that know more about what the m-codes are actually doing - which one is correct? Again, I'm relatively new in this field of the tech landscape. Best, GD
  3. Just found out about this firmware branch, after having x-y positioning problems after going to an E3D hotend, and trying to customize the firmware myself :angry: Not that I don't like learning new skills, but I'd rather be printing than learning all the ins and outs of programming Arduino code. Now, I just need to tweak the PID settings to match the new heater, and hope it still works. But having the positioning adjustments 'live' is such a great feature - thanks to all who have contributed to this over the years! Gary
  4. I'm interested in one of these - can you PM me? Trying to keep my UM2 as stock as possible - why change heater and temp sensor if they work? Thanks! GD
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