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  1. This is a 'flex' from Russian brand "REC", and I have no clue what it is made off. Printing temperature is about 240°C, the rest is just like for PLA. And yes, it's elastic.
  2. Yes, I got one 1.0mm nozzle, so more fun is coming! 1.0 mm nozzle made me think of heater upgrade, but yet I love it. Flexible filament, 0,4 mm layer, good detailes and smooth extrusion.
  3. Good question! So far testing regimes and stability. What would you make with an ability to print 600 mm high??
  4. Overall view of Unlimited Z. I bolted it to plywood case I made for displaying to UM2 at an Expo. Uploading from my phone. Don't know how to rotate the image
  5. I guess, I am one of the first users of the THING. First impressions: 1. it works! 2. it is quite useless with standard 0.4 mm nozzle (printing smth with height larger than 300 mm with layer thicknesses lower than 0.2 mm if not takes forever, then makes the chances of successful printing very low). I have installed 'olson block' and 0.8 mm jet nozzle and now can print large objects within reasonable time. 3. The spiralizer (aka joris) works nice with shell objects. Yeah, the z-drive constantly and smoothly rising the whole ultimaker!
  6. First tests suggest that Olsson Block and a big hole nozzle is a must have add-on to play with z unlimited. Printing with 0.8 mm nozzle, 0.4 mm layer thickness, 40 mm/sec. Two hours for a 30 cm tall vase.
  7. Sure! Yesterday I got the Olsson Block at the post office (there it was lost, so I blamed Carl with no reason.. His only fault was he didn't sent me a tracking number), so on Monday I will try to install it my upside-down UM2. First impression of Unlimited Z is that it works surpriselly good (even though I have not completed a single print, but it is a problem caused by extrusion, not the upgrade). I have lots of expectations regarding . 8 mm nozzle, if it will allow to print single wall vases with layer thickness of 0.5 mm, then the unlimited z opens a whole new world.
  8. Did it. This time got the answer right away. Carl said that the box has been send, but tracking is not available for some reasons. I clearly understand that international shipment outside EU may take some unreasonable time, but my experience is, that with companies like DHL, FedEx, or EMS it only takes few days. It took me more time to get to the customs to clear the Z-Unlimited pack, then it took to the Z-unlimited to travel all the way from Utrecht to Moscow.
  9. The idea of interchangeable nozzle for UM2 is great, however, I was not able to check out its realization. On Sept, 21 I have ordered the thing at http://www.3dsolex.com and have paid for it using paypal. Even thought I have checked the box "tracked shipment" and paid for it some extra money, I have not received the shipment, nor any proof the shipment have been ever sent. Once I received an answer from some Carl Beck : DeAr Vladimir! I am in Hong Kong. I am on oslo Friday 25. Them send u tracking!! Thank you! But ever since I have just been ignored. No custom heater block, no money, no answer.
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