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  1. Different parts and it occurs at different heights.
  2. I have an ultimaker original plus. Recently, every print the layer shits suddenly in the x-y direction about mid-way through the print. It then continues to print normally but in the completely wrong place. I have checked the pulleys, the belts, the end stops and have downloaded the latest Cura. I read that the stepper motors might be getting too hot - but posibbly not the case as they should be able to manage 80 degrees or it could be the pcb part overheating. Could it possibly be the g-code or the sd card? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the replies. neotko- I simply do not have the time to do the procedure 8+ times and testing it. I need the printer to work to prototype designs for university (final year). gr5 - I have done all of these things without success. It must be either the quality of the parts or I am missing something really really obvious. The printer is still in warranty - so I am asking Ultimaker (3DGBIRE) for replacement parts for the main assembles which I think are causing the problems. Thank you for your help!
  4. That makes sense, I will try this when I have the time. Is there anything else which I could try?
  5. Very inconsistant surface finish and the infill was poor quality too.
  6. I have followed those steps, I'll test it out now.
  7. I stored them P = 27.94 I = 2.46 D = 79.19 Max was about 155? is that max temperature? abit low?
  8. I followed what you did... [01mT:149>[00m M301 P0.00 I0.00 D0.00 SENDING:M301 P0.00 I0.00 D0.00 ok p:0.00 i:0.00 d:0.00 c:1.00 [01mT:108>[00m M303 S150 SENDING:M303 S150 PID Autotune start bias: 43 d: 43 min: 148.91 max: 155.78 bias: 41 d: 41 min: 148.44 max: 151.72 bias: 40 d: 40 min: 148.83 max: 151.09 Ku: 44.96 Tu: 22.68 Classic PID m Kp: 26.98 m Ki: 2.38 m Kd: 76.46 m bias: 40 d: 40 min: 148.98 max: 151.48 Ku: 40.74 Tu: 22.81 Classic PID m Kp: 24.45 m Ki: 2.14 m Kd: 69.69 m bias: 38 d: 38 min: 149.06 max: 151.33 Ku: 42.71 Tu: 21.76 Classic PID m Kp: 25.63 m Ki: 2.36 m Kd: 69.70 m PID Autotune finished! Put the last Kp, Ki and Kd constants from above into Configuration.h How do I store them?
  9. Checked the diameter and it seems to be okay throughout the roll. 90degrees, nothing happens. 100degrees - nothing happens approx 110degrees it bubbles.
  10. Originally I had some pronounced ridging on the surface of the prints. So I thought it might be something to do with the Z - Axis. I have greased and moved it up and down to check for any bad signs and I can't see any. Also, tightening the screws. I have tried a range of different temperatures and settings in Cura and tried the atomic method. Im presuming the filament is good quality, so it will not have an inconsistent diameter.
  11. Hello all, I am having problems with the surface finish on my prints. Finished prints either have gaps or large ridges at regular intervals. The printer is Ultimaker Original Plus. I have done some research on other threads and forums and tried everything, still having problems. Any help would be amazing! I have attatched an image of some example prints. Thank you.
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