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  1. I will test that. With the last print however you are able to see that the print started well in-between had massive under extrusion and then finished well. I would expect a no print at all or well print which is why I started to think that this must be a feeder issue
  2. It seems to me this was really more a feeder issue not nozzle or print plate. I have 2 0.8 nozzels (actually 2 complete nozzle sets) and the issue happens mainly with 0.8, less with 0.6 and hardly at all with 0.4 I changed the tension and it seems to have helped. I will do another big print today.
  3. Maybe I should not have praised the day before watching the even TV scheduke totally inacceptable layer gabs
  4. All I did was to adjust the feeder tension and this seems to have helped
  5. I did a test cube print and it failed too So I took off the print bed and washed it both sides and put it pack and the test cube print worked again instantly Then i removed the parts to print the main design a s again this failure this is just bonkers Printing the test cube again works
  6. After this crap print I calibrated the print bed again with the build in function and then with some test prints to check corners. I had one 98% good print that showed only at two layers issues - which however is already not good and all following prints are horrible again. Below are two print attempts of the same mode ... @gr5 I am not sure if you could maybe point me towards a solution. Can the PLA be old or the print glass surface have issues?
  7. Ultimaker 2+. PLA Using glue stick recently I cleaned calibrated the printer but printing with it is a hit or miss there is always the issue of under extrusion sometimes this happens already on the glass surface sometimes and mainly this append in the part the printer was not used that much and worked perfectly before - was not used for over a year and a half attached are some images to show the issue i had the feeling this might be a feeder issue but mainly the test extrusion of material before printing looks amount wise fin
  8. The print issue remains no matter what cura version or print speed.
  9. So I did two things: I used the old Cura 15 and in the current Cura I set all printing values to 30. However the print result is the same. At the Lulzbot forum the staff mentioned to me that the start end line I see is just the way how it is with their MOARstruder and I think this might be the same with the Ultimaker 2+ and the 0.8 nozzle. I have a pencil holder (cone shape) I printed with the Ultimaker but I dont recall the nozzle size but it was not the 0.8 nozzle. The print is flawless.
  10. When using an older Cura version do you also have to flash the older firmware?
  11. Ok now I am lost hahah Print slower and solution is increase acceleration?
  12. I think it always starts inside, then the inner wall then prints the outer wall. used the ultimaker 2+ 2 years ago and I swear I never saw those issues.
  13. 0.8 nozzle 0.4 line width (I think) randome z alignment notice the dimples where a new layer starts ! How can that be filled / fixed ?
  14. 0.8 nozzle i have very good result when using 0.4 line width but with 0.6 line width I often get those noodle sculptures interestingly the base layers often are fine
  15. I am sorry for asking this basic question but when setting a lower print speed does this then also influence the extrusion speed? Based on what you said it reads like slower speed = printer(extruder) has more time to react == less over/under extrusion issues.
  16. Interesting point! I started a new thread here because I encounter some very very unpleasant seam issues
  17. Hi all I own a Taz 6 (with MOARstruder) and UM2+ and noticed first with the MOARstruder but now also with the UM2+ a clearly visible vertical seam. I find this quite interesting considering that both also use CURA. From left to right: 0.8 nozzle default layer height - 0.8 nozzle 0.6 layer height - MOARstruder 1.2 nozzle 0.9 layer height Does somebody know why this happens? With the TAZ MOARstruder I noticed that new lines sometimes start somewhat thin while I assumed start and end line width would be the same and touc
  18. Thank you for this. This indeed removes that extra green track - but interestingly Cura remains moving the print head. here is a screen recording https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SbJ_Wu3K8wWGZZsOqZVbGa7SKJUAH73o/view?usp=sharing Now on a secondary question when the nozzle is 0.8 but a 0.8 line width creates a lot of interesting GCode would it then not better to shell a design with the line width value than the nozzle value? But when doing this I get a similarly interesting effect: CAD model 2.1mm shell and 0.7mm line width
  19. UM 2+ printer 2.4 MM shell CAD file 0.8 mm Nozzle I see that each print in Cura is 0.7 mm - why not 0.8 mm since that is the nozzle width ? I see in the print preview that cura 1. prints the inner wall 2. then adds on odd extra thin wall 3. prints the outside wall 4. prints the inside wall When setting the line width to 0.8 the inner wall gets choppy and some yellow tracks show up ?! Could someone explain what is happening here and why
  20. do you have to adjust the temp too or is that pre defined by the material PLA Ultimaker? I was not able to find anything to set the temp to 230 C. Also I know it is big ?. This is for rough prototyping only i have the moarstruder for a taz 6 and the s-Erde for inclass rough prototyping is great we have 4 um2+ in my class room so we might consider to use the 0.8 mainly now since often model studies is what students print we have one um3 for finer prints
  21. You suggest to use 0.8. Nozzle but 0.4 profile?
  22. Hi all, I just installed Cura and noticed that for many of my nozzles of the Olson block the profiles are missing For example below with the 0.8 nozzle only 0.15 layer height profile is present. Is that normal? Cura for Lulzbot has basically for each printhead multiple profiles (layer thickness) to choose from.
  23. Hi all I have an ultimaker 2+ and recently also bought a Lulzbot Taz 6 with the MOARstruder and was curious to see how far the Ultimaker 2+ 0.8 nozzle could be pushed. I am not expert at 3D printing or adjusting these settings so excuse me for asking here. PLA Material (Ultimaker) UM 2+ 0.8 mm nozzle 0.4 - 0.6mm layer height or max As far as I know speed temp has to be fined tuned right?
  24. This is what happened: MacPro 2008 MacOS 10.11.6 Cura 2.1.2 Attached UM2+ to MacPro via USB Started Cura During Cura starting the Ultimaker power / lights went on off Out of curiosity I thought about checking the firmware update and selected update Cura lights/power went on off few times After minutes of waiting and no progress bar in Cura firmware update I noticed that the Ultimaker 2+ is dead This is some joke ? Did this fry the UM2+ for real?
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