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  1. [/media]Hi all, find attached pics . I couldn't get quality prints because of improper filling of materials. particularly near the holes. any possible solutions to overcome this?. Thanks
  2. as i mentioned in previous post. with bare eyes the gaps are not visible. Just when you apply a little amount of force(compression) in bulges. like strings. a good fused 3d print will deform but not in this way (as shown in pic).
  3. Yes.!. i tightened the short belts. and the end caps are fine too. Also i changed e steps per mm to 100 from zero.` Small parts are good. but large parts are not good. same problem. Outer layer peels off . Also there is ticking sound from motor. When i touch the filament, i can sense the motor skips,it pushes back the filament and hence gaps inbetween outer shell.
  4. Previously i used 1.2 shell thick with 15per infill overlap. In This photo i used 1.2 shell thick and infill overlap 50 per. Looks good. when looked closely there is outer layer, inner layer and infill. Infill and inner layers stick where as outer layer and inner layer doesn't stick . thoughts?
  5. its UMO. and shell thickness 1.2 gives me this result. Giving compression force on two side shows the problem, where as by seeing with bare eyes it is not visible
  6. So issue is with shell thickness. Now i am sticking with 0.8 and 1.2. Will try it and give feedback. Thanks everyone for your timely reply.
  7. 10X10X10 block with shell thickness 2mm(In pic). where as 0.8mm shell thickness was very good.
  8. Thanks everyone!. I will try with increased temp(now 240 for pla), slow speed(now its 40). also does humidity play a role in this cases?. I heard the Rh value should be 40 to 45 per.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply,. I am using PLA.
  10. Hey same problem here. Outermost layer peels off. Using 240 C, flow 100 per, bed temp 50 c,
  11. Hi , I am Yuviten. I am a new bee in to 3d printing. Glass adhesion is good. But i find the outermost layer of my print peeling off. The shell alone doesnt stick well, to its adjacent next layer. where as the infill is fine. any thoughts??
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