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  1. Thanks! This helped, though I think there are a few things wrong with this machine. PTFE coupler definitely helped the heating issue. I ordered some replacements, but in the meantime I trimmed off the burned edge as recommended in another thread. This worked very well. It's easily putting out PLA at 210C like the day I got it. So thanks for the awesome advice. Probably should have mentioned, but the printer has a replacement filament extruder stepper. It was running hot and melting filament, so I'm running it at a lower current (advice from Ultimaker Support), and it did the trick. Even after trimming the coupler, the job was failing at the same point. I reduced the retraction from 4mm to 2mm (started at 0.5mm and raised it up during the print). Print came out looking nice. Probably not a great recommendation for anyone else, but worked for my machine in it's weirdo condition. I ordered a factory extruder stepper motor (got my current one from a 3rd party)- hoping to get this thing back in ship shape. It was a rental printer for a while, and got pretty beat up.
  2. Thanks for your replies! No, I did not change the coupler- you think it's gone bad?
  3. I recently had a print that started with a great base, but filament ran thin and stopped extruding at the thinnest part. Printer is an Ultimaker 2. I usually have to run it a little hot (about 235 degrees) to get PLA to flow consistently. Has a new nozzle that has only been used with PLA. Underextrusion seems like a really tricky problem, but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Pressure too high? Too low? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi all- I am running into an issue with an Ultimaker II. When inserting filament, it loads properly for a few seconds. When it speeds up to load quickly, it just hangs with a really awful noise (not moving), then continues another second after it has slowed down. As if the stepper started moving too fast and couldn't handle it. After the motor goes back to moving slowly, it ends up moving through fine and extruding. However, the motor overheats, and ends up melting the filament where it touches the knurled knob, causing all prints over an hour to fail. I've tried a replacement stepper, but the issue persists. Video of the issue here: http://vid.me/Hdbu Thoughts?
  5. The fan is running. Starts immediately. My theory at this point is that the filament motor is too hot, and it's causing the filament to melt/soften in the feeder. I've seen this posted around, but not sure what to do about it. It would sort of make sense why this would occur after a regular period of time. The knurled knob is hot to the touch.
  6. I'm running into an issue on an Ultimaker II- after 1.5 -2 hours, it just stops extruding. The first part is great- nice looking print, pretty fine, maybe even too much material flow. Then, every time, after about 1.5 hours, it just kinda quits. Below are two photos from recent prints, one tall and skinny, and one short and flat. Same symptom in the same time, so it doesn't seem to have to do with height. Same with different filaments. Material pressure settings are set a bit on the low side. Thanks for your help!
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