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  1. Tension seems fine on the belts. Seems okay to move the print head around. Yes, this started suddenly. Nothing happened before. A successful print, then when starting the next print, starting making this terrible sound. Greg
  2. Okay, pulled out the motor, loosened and tightened the screw. That's not the problem. I uploaded a video to youtube: https://youtu.be/tWaCr8KecY4 Thanks for your help! Greg
  3. I have an ultimaker 3 that has started making a bad sound when moving the head. It looks to be the Y axis stepper. It's possible that the pulley screws on the motor need to be tightened. However, I cannot find a way to get access to the motor. I have searched, but have been unable to find instructions anywhere for how to take the printer apart to get access (and put back together working 🙂) Does anyone have any pointers or suggestions? Thanks, Greg
  4. Which RFID reader/writer are you using? Did you find a source for the RFID tags? Thanks, Greg
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