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  1. Superb! Architecture students has good source to start with these tips here! Will recommand to my students
  2. Hello there, I just bought ultimaker 2 extended, I have given print of door handle with PLA it printed prfectly. When one more time I have given print with ABS material, 40% job has done very well, after that head start moving wrong direction and from actual printed object. Please help me out Thanks
  3. There was an issue of nozzle clogging which was easily sorted out. But the main problem which he is facing is with the Knurled Wheel in the Feeder Driver. Almost a month back when he realized that there is such problem with his machine he immediately bought a spare of Knurled Wheel from us. Today I observed that even the new spare of Knurled Wheel is not working out with the machine Gear Shaft. Actually at the time of pushing or pulling the filament the Knurled Wheel is coming out of Gear Shaft. Even after tightening the Wheel Screw it is not helping.
  4. Hello guys, I have found problem in ultimaker 2 while moving up the build plate the threaded rod is vibrating all along, same happens while lowering the build plate. Please take look in this video, and help to find root cause and so as to solve it. https://youtu.be/vontSFpXPhM Thank You.
  5. Hello guys, I was working on motherboard of ultimaker 2, my doubt is how can we connect both fans' connections ( TP78 and TP79 in board), because each fan is having two wires(positive and negative) and board is having socket for two wires only. So how can we connect four wires(in total of both fan) in motherboard? Looking for tech support.
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