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  1. BayChristopher and ultiarjan, Thank you for your time and kind response. I think it would be very helful. I'm pretty a newbie for 3d printing. and Ultimaker 2 was my first printer. So I might have many very basic and silly questions. Now I'm just curious... Does every all the FDM printers need to replace PTFE isolator or Nozzle regularly? (Sorry for my poor English.)
  2. I have not check the PTFE isolator coupler yet. Becuase, I used to think it will difficult to reassemble the part properly... But I think I'm supposed to check it. I'm going to check it searching proper method on internet. Thank you for your advise!
  3. Thank you for your time. I used to think the black dust from degrading belts is normal for this Ultimaker2. but is it not normal? and I have been using 225C for the brown 3d Universe PLA filament and using 205C for the silver Ultimaker filament. Do you think it is too hot? and I have been using some acrylic box for this Ultimaker 2. Well, Is that may be part of the problem?
  4. Sorry for my poor English. Isn't there any tips you can do to help me? I don't have any idea to fix this problem. I have been trying to solve the problem by myself searching internet. (Change some options for test, Try other filament, Atomic method...) But I still could not fix the problem. I really need any tips, any suggestions from experts like you. Please help me...
  5. Hi! guys, I'm always grateful for your kind help in this community. My 'Ultimaker 2 Extended' was not so bad one week ago. but, it have under extrusion problem for a few days ago. and Now it has serious wobbly layer problem. I have been using '3d universe brown PLA' with this setting. Layer height (mm) : 0.05 Shell tihkness (mm) : 1.2 Fill Density (%) : 10 Print speed (mm/s) : 35 Nozzle size : 0.4 All the rest are default option. Speed : 100% Temperature : 225C Buildplate : 45 C Material flow : 100% All the rest are default option. and also I'm using custom acrylic box to protect from cold air. To summarise. Not so bad (week ago) --> under extrusion --> increase temperature 250C --> cloged --> clean using sewing needle and Atomic method a lot --> found some fallen strange grub screw under buildplate --> tried to find right place for the fallen screw --> could not find yet --> tightened every grub screws for all the axis --> test again --> serious wobbly surface (now) Here are some photos that shows the steps and the problem. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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