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  1. There is a gram calculator. See https://github.com/nallath/PrintCostCalculator Also instead of bashing people about how sucky / shabby something works, you could also attempt to, I dunno, report issues so they can be fixed... Thanks, I wish I was a Software Engineer capable of fixing it but I'm just an insignificant user. Take my comment as you may.
  2. Old one or Simplify3D all day, Cura 2.1.2 is hopeless.
  3. 2.1.2 is absolute garbage. No G.Code viewing, no gram calculator + oodles of bugs. Ultimaker should be embarrassed at their shabby job.
  4. Thanks guys, you were indeed correct. @IRobertI the initial layer issue I was having was related to something else, I spoke too soon.
  5. Hey guys, I'm having trouble with Cura and turning off Brim, even if I close the drop-down menu it still draws the Brim in the print. I also tried changing the diameter to 0mm but then it has this bizarre retraction filled first layer, very strange. The new update sure looks pretty but the old one was more efficient, no doubt.
  6. I was able to fix my "Infill Not Touching" issue by just replacing the PTFE Coupler, it was so odd because I was certain the Short Belts were causing it, I spent many days monitoring the Belt and I swear I found them to be not as well tensioned as I expected them to be, when I moved the axis by my hands, I noticed the Short Belts wobble, very minuscule but noticeable. I tried to tension them tons and tons of times but no avail. Finally, I was fed up and replaced the Coupler as my last option and boy did it do the trick! I'm surprised no one has ever mentioned this issue, for the longest I
  7. Facing the same issue, tried to find the right tension for the short belts many times but no luck. Sometimes I wonder if the Ultimaker people are competent enough to fix the issue or not, it's been over 2 years since this thread was started and still there is no simple answer. Pathetic.
  8. I found keeping the little black stretch wire that it comes with on works well. if you just like fold part of it back so it doesnt have a chance of getting stuck during your print that should help Yup, I actually discarded it thinking it was part of the packing, LOL! I use a Headband now and it works just as good!
  9. So you were right gr5, the problem was fixed when I tried 'one at a time" but I was right about slicing, Cura is messing up something. The initial layers and Z-Axis position with "one at a time" is perfect and is how it should be but the peculiar thing is when I do it solo, the Z-Axis doesn't go down enough and also the speed I think reverts back to the initial layer speed, almost as if it's considering initial layers of the stick as bottom layers. The solution was simple but at the same time this error in slicing does exist and should be addressed, I think.
  10. I did but it didn't make a difference as the size was too small for it to have less than full infill but I didn't try that with a 0.25mm Nozzle.
  11. Didn't quite understand? Are you talking about the Z-Axis blobbing in the initial layers of the stick part?
  12. Way ahead of you, I tried 0.25mm but issue stayed because of the Z-Axis not going down enough and according to my leveling for the initial stick layers, it's a Cura issue cause I have printed the exact model before (Ball of the Socket but same thing) and it printed fine, I have attached that picture above when I replied to tommyph1208.
  13. Hey, The model is actually very simple and the printer has successfully printed it before, the successful print was on a different housing but the design stays the same, you can see it for yourself, printer had no issues with the overhang which was minuscule as the sphere was created linearly. You can clearly see how "perfect" the stick is. Answer to your questions - 1) I forgot, sorry...but yeah I printed at 210C. 2) Cooling did help but did not eliminate the issue irrespective of printing temperatures. 3) Good tip but it's still the nozzle touching and blobbing issue so even if
  14. So, as a beginner I had nothing but respect for Cura but over time I realised that it's pretty stupid. I need some help from you guys who can tell me why is my print failing, I know why but don't know what's causing it, I'm pretty sure it's the slicing but I can't figure out what. Here's the model - As you can see I need to print in that orientation cause I don't want supports in a Ball and Socket joint also there's nothing wrong with the orientation anyway. But....here's when things get interesting, when the stick begins to start it's first layer, the Z-Axis is almost too close to i
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