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  1. Hey Joel-mercier, have you managed to print it again? Do you still have the same problem?
  2. Dear Labern, The layer height is 0.1 and speed 100 mm/s. The retraction length 4.5 mm and speed 25 mm/s I changed the temp because at 190 it is less hairy. Thanks in advance for more suggestions.
  3. Hey everybody! I am having some issues with my print. Do you have some suggestions what to do in order to get a clean print ? These are my settings. I print with PLA 2.85 at temp 190 degrees. Thank you in advance for some suggestions.
  4. Hi everybody, im having some problems with my model in Cura. I have a 3d model in microstation which is solid and there seems to be no problems with the surface etc. but as soon as I export it in Cura the software shows me some unexisting lines in the layer view ( i thought it might be only a problem with a 3d model so I printed it but the lines are still there). I attach the printscreens of the 3d model in microstation and a printscreen of a model in cura. Anyone has an idea what is going on? Thanks in advance for the anwser!
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