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  1. Maybe a missing tickmark here? Thank you everyone for your help! Tinkergnome, you were right! the first tick was missing. Tried the same print and it came out perfectly!
  2. I changed the "Bottom/Top Thickness" to 1.2 and layer height was set to 0.1. SO i should have got 12 layers. But as you can see in the image, the top part was still not covered, it's still hollow. How do I tackle this problem?
  3. Hi all, I'm new to 3D printing hence am doing a lot of trials. I've noticed that I have changed some settings and now when I am printing something, the top layer isn't getting printed properly. It is very thin and weak. So I wanted to know, what are the default settings or ideal settings for a regular print. I understand that the settings will vary from print to print, but some basic guidelines will be really helpful! Thank you in advance! Best regards, Siddhartha
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