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  1. For those who want to use Kinect V2 (Xbox One Kinect) as a scanner, here are some options and general fyi. Microsoft 3D Builder - Free, requires powerful machine to get an easy scan; messing up tracking typically means restarting, directional lighting conditions not so much a problem. Takes longer to do the scan the slower your computer is, requires high fps from Kinect. KScan3D - (kscan3d.com), used to be $300, now free. Easier to use then Microsoft 3D Builder (IMHO), doesn't need as powerful of a machine. Takes single 3D Snapshots and auto-aligns them. Directional lighting not as big of a problem because the program seems to alter brightness, but you'll still need plenty of captures. Also, messing up on alignment is a pain to fix. Quality seems low on some scans, I assume it's the bad scan data. SFL:Standard - (scanfromlife.com), $75, no demo yet. Filters out the garbage and cleans up the sensor data. Outputs full color PLY directly from sensor data (so resolution is max possible). Doesn't auto-align 3D Snapshots, you have to use MeshLabs or other external program to do that. Doesn't touch color, so directional lighting is a problem (either have 1 light source over head or unfocused ambient lighting). Pro is it only needs 1 fps from Kinect to work, so low powered laptops can be used to take 3D Snapshots with. I took six 3D snapshots around a person with a dinky laptop, copied them to my more robust workstation, and then I was able to create a full color model. From what I've researched, the Kinect V2 is made more as a 3D Motion Sensor than 3D Scanner, the sensor outputs a lot of bad data which can make scans unreliable (flat walls appear bumpy, edges have random spikes, etc), because of this it seems most 3D Scanning Software companies are not supporting it. To use it like other 3D Scanners that build the 3d model in real time, you'd need a powerful machine to handle averaging out the bad data with the good. But if you're going to spend a lot on a powerful machine, imo might as well pay a bit more for something that was built as a 3D Scanner.
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