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  1. Jason, thank you for your reply. I am trying to figure out is reason is hardware or settings, but I can't really see anything clearly in the mechanism to blame hardware, unless I am missing something. Here are the settings I am using. Nozzle is 0.4mm About Jerk speed, I can't see where there is the field to fill numbers, except, enable or disable Jerk control.
  2. Hello. I have the problem you see in the picture Those "jerkings", "Jumps", are afecting not only the looks, but the final size of the printing, and making it very hard to create components with the right tolerance. Even on square pieces, when it gets to the corners I get this kind of "niple". I don't get a straight angle. In this circles you can see, that every side, when ends, instead of moving smooth to the next segment/side, it has a jerk/overshooting like finishing. I have checked belts and they seem to be tight. Might be there any setting that I should look
  3. Are the ones from 3D Solex, printing Core compatible with the nozzles of UM3 printing core?? Any manufacturer that you could recommend just to buy the nozzles? I think Ultimaker should sell them. 100 Euros to buy the whole thing is just too much. Coming to this.., I read somewhere that nozzles inner shapes from AA and BB are different. Will this affect printing settings or quality based on standard settings for Ultimaker materials?
  4. I assume that you changed the nozzle size in the printer from 0.4 to 0.6?? and by OFTEN, you mean every time withe same settings? or just some times yes and other not? Which material are you using? and that.. looks like only has a wall of 1 layer. When was the last time you cleaned the nozzle?? There are so many variables, that is difficult to guess with only that information. ? 3D printers are not plug and play, even if you pay 5000 dollars for 1!!. Not to mention the cost for parts... That reality is depressing/shocking...
  5. Can I ask a question for UM3?? If I only want to replace the nozzle and not the complete 100 euros print core... which are my options??
  6. Hi. I am trying to setup my printer properly, and I noticed that the fan speed set in Cura matches the reading in my UM3, but when I increase the flow to for example 105% in CURA, it only shows 100% in UM3, and I am not sure if it should show the number set in CURA (105%). I want to make sure that the flow is increasing to tune up my filament properties. Is this normal, or it is a glitch???
  7. Hi Guys, There is another newer product available from the same company. The Name is Cheetah Is supposed to be more compatible with UM2 http://www.ninjaflex3d.com/products/cheetah/ They have more products coming out too. You have to find resellers Good luck
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