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  1. I just printed a part with PLA at 210 C and I started the fans at .5mm just to see what would happen with the temperature, and there were no problems. The block cooled down 2 degrees for a couple seconds and then immediately warmed back up. I'm not sure if printing at higher temperatures will have a different result, but right now I had no under extrusion or grinding with the extruder.
  2. Yeah, I used two 40mm fans like they have on the Ultimaker 2's now. My UMO+ in the beginning had just one 50mm fan on it, but I removed that completely and replaced it with two 40mm fans one on each side. I'm not sure how the non + are set up.
  3. I figured exposing the aluminum block was going to be a problem I was hoping that I would be able to think of a way to design an air block to protect the alu block. Heres the link for the fans I bought. http://www.amazon.com/0-1A-40mm-Connector-Computer-Brushless/dp/B00E1JO8SG/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1456363056&sr=1-2&keywords=DC+12V+0.1A+40mm+x+40mm+2+Pin+Connector+PC+CPU+Computer+Case+Brushless+DC+Fan
  4. Hey guys, sorry I haven't replied in a while but I've been working on a solution and I found one. I printed these brackets http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:271684 and they work pretty well. To go on it I bought two DC 12V 0.1A 40mm x 40mm 2 Pin Connector PC CPU Computer Case Brushless DC Fan from Amazon and then I cut off the old fan and wired the new ones in series. It really was not that hard to do once I found all of the supplies. One problem that I do see though is insufficient air flow. I haven't printed anything with them yet, but we'll see how well they work.
  5. If I decide on the two 12V fans is there any possibility that the current will be too high. I calculated it and I figured that the current will be right at 200mA.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way that I could upgrade my UMO+ to have a dual fan configuration. When I print objects with overhangs the side with the fan on it prints perfectly fine. However, the opposite side prints overhangs pretty bad. I was wondering if upgrading to this would be possible or if there is a solution that does not require me to upgrade to a dual fan configuration. [/media][/media]
  7. That would probably be the best long term solution. That will be the next upgrade that I add to my UMO+. Thank you for the help.
  8. Thank you, I did what you said and it really helped. After tensioning those belts I followed the instructions on this link, http://blog.mcmelectronics.com/post/3D-printer-calibration#.VoMYr4RlngG ,to calibrate my X and Y axis and I now have perfect circles.
  9. I have an UMO+ and it will not print a good circle on the factory settings. Therefore, I tried the nickel calibration test on thingiverse, to calibrate my X and Y axis, I have done it over 11 times, and have followed the instructions to change the steps/mm. However, nothing I have done has fixed this problem solar, and it is very difficult to make accurate prints if my printer cannot make a circle. If anyone can help please let me know what I need to do. In these photos the rectangle at the top is supposed to be square and the oval thing direct under it is supposed to be a circle.
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew of a dual extruder upgrade for the Ultimaker Original Plus. I cannot find one. Ultimaker has one, but it says it's only for the Ultimaker Original not the Plus. I can see on my printer that it is set up to where it can be upgraded into the dual extruders. However, I cannot find a kit. Or even all of the pieces to piece it together. If anyone knows of one or where I can get the pieces that would be very helpful.
  11. I posted some pictures. Hopefully they help you understand what's going on.
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